Sunday, September 10, 2017

Fancy Artwork

 One thing I enjoy is observing my kids hard work on crafts at school.

Lucy was pretty proud of this lion she made in the month of march.

 She thought it was wonderful to make this cool whale.
Emmy made this spooky haunted house with math facts inside the windows.
 She also made this pretty cool pie to explore fractions.
 I absolutely loved this shark that Lucy made too. 
 Ben also made some really neat projects at school, but didn't care enough to get his picture taken! I have two very talented girls!

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Students vs Teachers

 One thing the kids look forward to all year is the students vs teachers game.  The kids give up some of their recess time to practice basketball and play with their friends.  

 Much excitement is always in the air as the other students in the school make for an excellent cheering section. Both Ben and Emmy did their best and played hard.

  What a fun tradition to have at the school!

Two of My Lucky Charms

 I absolutely love these pictures of my two of my lucky charms!!

 I love how genuine and happy their smiles are.  I love how fat Brigham's cheeks are!  

I remember how happy they were on this day.  Lucy and Brigham really love each other. 

This was the day I put them in the stroller for the first time together. They were quite happy to be by each other.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Wonderful Family Park Day- Briggy's First Time in a Park Swing

One beautiful day in March, we had a wonderful family day. We took the kids to the park and had a grand time as a family.

Brigham experienced his first official park swing yesterday. He seemed to enjoy himself. He would give me big smiles the whole time as he would swing back and forth.

 It was a day full of sweet family memories.

Emmy Loves Volleyball

Emmy girl absolutely rocked her volleyball season this year.

She has an amazing overhand serve that she has worked so hard to perfect. She is aggressive and has shown some great hustle as she slides across the gym floor on her knee pads for awesome digs.

We love this talented and smart girl!

Family LOVE

 These pictures make my heart so happy. They show how much our family loves each other. Yes, quite often my kids fight, but quite often they are best friends, too.  Also, we are so blessed to have Brandon as their dad! He knows how to make our home happy!

 I don't think that there has ever been a baby loved more than Brigham.  Lucy has loved him so much even from the beginning. When she would come home from preschool, she loved taking a few moments to just play with him. It was so cute to see her interact and love him.  Brigham lights up when he sees her.  I hope they are always best friends!

Poetry Night

 Back in March, when Ben and Emmy were in fourth grade, they spent a lot of time learning about and how to write poetry. They worked so hard on their poems and created a fancy book with all the poems that they and their classmates created and worked so hard on. 

 Sadly, due to miscommunication and misunderstanding, the kids missed the opportunity to share their poems at a local coffee poetry shop. However, we had our own poetry night at home! We even had fancy drinks and treats.

The kids were able to use our microphone and share their poems. Even Hyrum, Lucy, Brandon and I got in on the fun.

It was a great night spent as a family.