Thursday, December 1, 2016

A Beautiful Fall Sunday

On one beautiful Sunday in October, I took the kids for a nature walk outside to explore the gorgeous nature of fall.

The kids were excited to find leaves. They even found a huge colorful leaf that they insisted Brigham must have.

Of course, we had to find some cool rocks and pine cones.

They all had to have a turn to push Brigham in his stroller.

The sunset was absolutely gorgeous! It was a beautiful and peaceful afternoon spent with my wonderful family.

Fall Soccer 2016

This past fall our Saturdays were filled with soccer and football games. The girls were soccer stars!

Lucy moved up in an age group and was the youngest by far.  However, she still managed to have a great time playing.  One of the games, every time her team scored, she would run and do a somersault to get back to the circle for the start of the next play. It was pretty funny!

Of course, Lucy found many friends on her team. Lucy had a great coach and had a wonderful time playing. She didn't score a goal this season, but she had some great drives and worked really hard.

Emmy rocked this past soccer season. She found a new love as playing goalie and she did a marvelous job.  She really dove for the ball to get many saves for her team.   She also was a fantastic offensive player and came away with scoring quite a few goals for her team.

Brigham did wonderful job at tagging along to many games.  I love this picture of him in his stroller at the last game in the middle of October (he was a little under two months old).

Overall, it was a fantastic soccer season for my girls! 

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Corn Maze Fun

Emmy decided to have her birthday party this year at our local corn maze.

The girls went through the first part of the maze and met me at the middle.

At the middle, the girls painted pumpkins and played "Don't Eat the Monster."

Next, Emmy opened her presents from her friends.  Emmy was spoiled! She was in heaven since most of her friends brought her art supplies, her favorite.

Then, we had cake and ice cream after we sang Happy Birthday to Emmy.

Brandon made an absolutely adorable pumpkin cake for Emmy's special day.

After presents and cake, the girls headed back through the second half of the corn maze.

It was a beautiful October day spent celebrating the birth of our oldest daughter.

Daddy Daughter Dance

In the middle of October, Emmy and Brandon went to a daddy daughter dance at our church.  Emmy was so excited and looked forward to the night for days. As you can tell from the cute picture, the theme was western.

Emmy came home from the night so happy and pleased! She absolutely loved having a night with her daddy all to herself!

First Bath in the Big Tub

Early in October, Brigham graduated from taking baths in the sink to taking baths in the tub! He looked absolutely adorable in the tub!

Brigham absolutely loved having more room to do little kicks in the water.  He adores his baths! This picture was also taken when Brandon gave him a bath for a first time!

A Princess Celebration

Lucy was so excited for her friends to come over for her birthday party!

One thing that Lucy likes is for things to stay the same. She finds comfort in routine.

It really was no surprise to me that as we planned her fifth birthday party, she wanted to do the exact same thing that she did for her fourth birthday party.

When the kids arrived at the party, they colored the paper bags they would use to put their candy in from the pinata.

We played Duck, Duck, Goose!

We  played "Don't Eat the Princess!"

We played Pin the Crown on the Princess

The kids were able to hit a pinata and find lots of candy!

Lucy was completely spoiled by her friends and was given such wonderful presents.

Brandon made a beautiful princess cake. However, Lucy did step out of the box and had a princess Merida cake this time.

It was such a fun party! It was easy to see that Lucy absolutely loved every single minute and was so happy! We love this Lucy girl!