Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Two Cute Sisters

 I love these two girls of mine!  They were excited to show off their fun Christmas pajamas that they received for the holiday season.

 I absolutely love these fun pictures of my girls.

 Their smiles are real, they came up with poses for the pictures and they were enjoying being together.

We are so blessed to have these two in our home.  

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Christmas Fun

 Lucy was so much fun this past Christmas season.  She loved every minute of the shiny lights, Christmas trees, presents etc. 

One of my favorite things we did this year was a chain countdown for Christmas that Lucy made at school. She was so excited each morning to take off a chain link and count the remaining links until Christmas. 

Lucy also loved making this festive and yummy sugar cone Christmas tree at preschool. 
There is nothing quite like having a young child in the house at Christmas time. 

Briggy at Four Months Old

Brigham turned four months old in the month of December 2016. Time is flying by!
 At four months old:
15 lbs 3.5 oz, 26 in
Wears 3-6 month clothes
Size 2 Diapers, moving into size 3
Starting to becoming more interactive.   
 The month of December was filled with visiting elderly, going to Christmas programs and other Christmas fun.  

During the month of December he really started to grab at and play with his toys.  

This past month he has found his hands, that he always puts in his mouth. 

He is starting to giggle, especially at his siblings. He is greatly loved by his siblings. They love it when he comes and gives them a love goodnight.  Lucy loves it when she and I dance with Brigham.  Brigham giggles at Lucy while we dance. 

Emily takes good care of Brigham, too.  Brigham is very loved.  
 This picture doesn't do his beautiful blue eyes justice!

 He has the sweetest smile. It was hard to get a picture of it around the time he was four months old.  He really starting to get more chubby.  We love kissing those cheeks.  He has adorable fat baby hands.

Brigham is starting to enjoy reading books a little more. 

 He still LOVES his bath.

 He LOVES to snuggle and be held. 

He is such a sweetheart! We love this dear boy

Holiday Windows

Ben and Emmy and their classmates put on a fabulous Christmas program called Holiday Windows.

There were cute Christmas songs that were learned and sung.

Both Emmy and Ben played a solo on the piano in front of a few hundred people. Ben and Emmy were also asked to be narrators of the program.

  Both Ben and Emmy worked so hard to read their lines of the program with flare and pizazz.   They dressed up as Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus.  It was so cute.  They looked fantastic!

The kids did a wonderful job in their holiday program. 

Monday, March 27, 2017

Hyrum's First Christmas Band Concert

Back in December,  Hyrum had his very first Christmas band concert.

At the beginning of the school year, Hyrum tried out many different instruments, but he was drawn to one of the biggest instruments to play, the baritone.
  He absolutely loves band and has improved so much in his playing ability. I can't believe how fast this handsome boy is growing up.

Christmas Briggy

 Since Brigham wasn't able to get pictures taken in his adorable Christmas outfit with Santa, I decided to do our own little photo shoot at home. 

 These pictures were taken when Brigham was 3.5 months old.  
I loved how his big blue eyes were really starting to pop and he is really starting to put on weight and chub. 

I love that Lucy had to be in on a few of the photos. 

 I love that I even have a few pictures with our lovely Christmas tree in the back ground. 

 I love that I purchased this adorable outfit that says best gift ever.  He is one of my best gifts ever! Yes, I smooch those cheeks all day. His big blue eyes melt my heart. We love him!

 I loved being able to dress up Brigham in his fancy Christmas attire.