Sunday, January 1, 2017

Halloween 2016

 Our family had a wonderful Halloween. It was busy and fun!!

After a quick dinner, the kids were ready to go trick-or-treating.

Lucy insisted her hair needed to be re-curled since it had lost its bounce since the school Halloween Carnival.  
 I had to post some more pictures of our cute little skeleton's first Halloween. 
 It was so much fun.  We bundled up Brigham and away we went. 

Lucy was absolutely hilarious and would make comments as we would go trick-or-treating.   She would comment on the decorations, the candy, sit in people's front porch chairs, all with enthusiasm only Lucy can give.  I wish I would have recorded her in action!

The big kids were polite, and were excited to go trick-or-treating.

We made sure to stop at some of the elderly houses and visit with some of our favorite people.
We then came home and watched part of Hocus Pocus, enjoyed some candy and called it a day! It was a great Halloween.

School Halloween Carnival

Just like last year, I helped plan the Halloween Carnival at the elementary school.
 I had so much help from many members in the community, it was fantastic.

Like always, Lucy was my buddy and came with me.  Of course, she had to wear her costume and have her hair curled! She had fun!

It was great seeing Ben and Emmy do fun things with their friends and classmates like the pop toss,  cupcake walk, donut eating contest, toilet paper toss, etc. and the other fun activities.

Brigham was an angel baby and was happy during the activity.

The carnival was a great addition to our Halloween fun.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Lucy and Brigham

One thing that I absolutely love, that I don't want to forget is Lucy's adoration and love for her baby brother.  Oh how Lucy loves her Briggy. She gets bugged at me when I say that Brigham is my baby. She quickly corrects me and says that Briggy is our family's baby.

Lucy loves to hold Brigham when she gets home from school, while I fix her lunch.  She sings to him and gives him lots of kisses.  She also loves when I bring Brigham to her at night to say goodnight, she holds him, talks to him, and gives him loves and kisses.  Brigham loves Lucy, too. He lights up when he sees her and when she talks to them. I hope they always maintain this love and friendship. 

Carving Pumpkins

 The kids were so excited to carve their pumpkins. Even Brigham had a pumpkin.  The kids were able to pick out a pumpkin from the pumpkins are friends grew.  
 The kids started out the process by drawing what type of face that they wanted on their pumpkin.
 Next, the kids cut open the top and took out all the pumpkin guts. 

 Everyone would stop periodically to spend time to talk to Briggy.
 Next, came the carving of the pumpkins. 

 We ended up with five adorable pumpkins!!

 Hyrum carved a trident to represent Poseidon
 Lucy helped carve a cute pumpkin face.
 Ben decided to carve a crazy face. 
We ended up with five adorable pumpkins. 

Ward Trunk or Treat

 After we got home from Brigham's surgery, we jumped right into Halloween festivities.We started with making Halloween sugar cookies. The girls are always my best helpers when it comes to baking.

Later that day, we got ready for the ward Trunk or Treat. Lucy was my beautiful Merida.

 Emmy was my smart and talented Rey from Star Wars.

 My sweet Briggy was an adorable skeleton.

 Ben was the talented Harry Potter.
 Hyrum decided to dress up as Scott Sterling from Studio C.

 We had a grand time at the ward party.  We go to spend time with friends, eat dinner, do a costume parade, trunk or treat outside and participate in a carnival inside.

It was a fun night. The kids really enjoyed the carnival and spending time with their friends. We had a great time getting into the Halloween spirit!