Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Year

I thought I would take the opportunity to post cute pictures of my kids taken today on this special, once every four years, day.  Ben and Emmy thought it was pretty awesome they learned about Leap Year at preschool today.  They even made special Leap Year Hats that they wore for most of the day. Ben and Emmy would shout out Happy Leap Year to random cars that passed us on the road.  We had a very happy leap day!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Ben and Emmy's Class Valentine's Day Party

On February 13th, I had the opportunity to go in and help with Ben and Emmy's class Valentine's party.  One of my favorite things to do is to help with my kids' class parties. The kids were excited to see me when I came in the door.
The class did many fun things at their party. The kids first decorated their Valentines Bags.

They played Don't Eat Cupid

Cupid's Arrow (they tried to get an arrow into a box)

 Decorated a heart cupcake

 and made cute Valentine's crafts.

 The kids were divided up into boys and girls to do the fun activities.

  At the end of the party, the kids exchanged valentines.  Ben and Emmy were so excited to pass out their special cards that they worked so hard on. 

The kids made the cutest Valentine Hearts to give their sweet teacher Miss Lisa.
 Overall, I would say the kids had a fantastic Valentine's Party at their school. It was fun to go in and celebrate this fun holiday of  LOVE with them.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Valentine's Fun

We have had a great time celebrating Valentine's Day during the month of February.  One of the things we did was go the the ward's Valentine's party.  Lucy was dressed so cute in her Valentine attire and then she had a blow-out in her carseat before I could really show her off.  I was so disappointed.
  The kids had a great time doing the Chocolate Hug and Kiss walk.

Also, we were able to write Valograms to people at the activity and have them delivered.

I was disappointed, there really wasn't any time given to dancing and I was really looking forward to that.   The kids however had a good time playing with their friends and it was nice to talk to some people from the ward.

Another thing we did in the month of February was make sugar cookies as a family.  The kids always love helping me make them and enjoy even more when we get to eat our tasty creations!
We took some of our yummy cookies, flowers, and some decorated hearts to some single sisters in our ward.  The kids loved doing service and sharing their treasures with others. 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

We had a wonderful Valentine's Day.  To start the morning off, I made the kids pink pancakes and pink eggs for breakfast.   The kids thought it was pretty silly they were eating pink food. 
Right before I took Hyrum to school, I received a text from Brandon telling me to check the mail box. Inside the mail box, I found the start of a treasure hunt that Brandon made for me.

 I decided to wait until I got Hyrum out the door, Lucy down for her nap and the twins settled before I began the fun hunt Brandon made for me. With each of the clues Brandon mentioned something that he loves about me or memories from past Valentine's Days.  It was very sweet and brought a smile to my face.  The climax for the hunt was my gift for a membership to the YMCA to work out.  I have already been putting my membership to good use and it was the perfect gift for me right now.

The Ben, Emmy and I decided to take Hyrum a Valentine Sugar cookie from the night before and have lunch with him at school.  I LOVE the fact that Hyrum is always thrilled when we come and have lunch with him.  I hope that never changes. 

After lunch, the kids and I came home and played a LOVE BUG game I found online. With each roll of the dice, you get to add another body part. So if you rolled a 1 you got to add the eyes, 2 the antenna etc.  It was really fun and I loved the little bugs that they created. 

I watched my friend's kids so she could go and help out with the Valentine's Day party in Hyrum's class (her daughter is in Hyrum's class).  We had fun playing Don't Eat Cupid.
After Hyrum was picked up from school, I got busy making our special dinner.  The kids played the LOVE BUG game while Brandon and I finished getting everything ready. 

 The kids were sent upstairs so that they would be surprised when it was dinner time.  Of course they lined up youngest to oldest.
  Each of the kids were anxious to see what little goody was by their plate.

 Of course both of the girls received their roses from Brandon. Lucy was pretty fascinated with her's

 Ben received a CAR and a Star War's Puzzle

Emmy received headbands that she was eying at the store the other day and gum that Hyrum insisted she had to have.

Hyrum received a Cam Jansen book and a CAR.

Lucy was given a jar of baby food and Swan Princess.
 We had such a tasty dinner by candlelight. Brandon got some steaks for us and hamburgers for the kids.  We also had twice baked potatoes, homemade rolls, veggies and of course sparkling cider.  For dessert, we had chocolate covered strawberries that Brandon made. 

After dinner, we opened the fun Valentine cards my parents sent. The kids thought it was awesome that their valentine had a whole dollar in it.  The kids loved receiving fun valentines from Millie, Hot Chocolate Grandma and a sweet sister in our ward as well as their friends. 

After the kids went to bed, Brandon and I stayed up to watch a movie together.

It was such a wonderful Valentine's day that brings a smile to my face every time I think of it!