Friday, October 26, 2012

Lucy is one!

My Lucy is one! I can't believe how fast this year has flown by. I was doing really well with my monthly updates about her until we moved and went on vacation.  As a result, I decided that she deserved a wonderful one year update.
Lucy hasn't ever crawled. She scoots; everywhere. In fact, she has scooting down to an art.  It is so cute to see her scoot across the floor. She doesn't move as fast as she would if she were crawling, but she gets to where she wants to go.  Her pants make me chuckle when I see them because the seats of her pants are very worn out. 
She is getting very good at walking along furniture. She gets stuck in many places including under the table and between the bar stools and the counter.  She thinks she is pretty fancy and so proud of herself when she stands alone for a few seconds. She gets a cute little proud look on her face when she accomplishes that amazing feat. I would guess that she will be walking within the next month or so. 

Lucy loves to read books. She loves sitting in a pile of books and look over them one by one.  I love it when I hear her "read" the books to herself it is very cute. She has a very long attention span for books, which I love and will help her well through out her schooling years. Also, she loves to sit in my lap and have me read books to her. She enjoys turning the pages.  Her favorite books to read are the ones with pictures of other babies. I took the pictures from her birthday party that I put on the wall and put them in a picture book for her. She loves looking at them!  Also, the other day when Brandon was reading books with her, Lucy didn't want Brandon to continue reading unless she was in his lap.

One of Lucy's favorite past time is digging in my purse. She is particularly fond of taking every single card in my wallet out.  You can always tell when Lucy has been close to my purse since there is a trail of goodies left all around.
Lucy absolutely is in heaven when we go for walks around town or when we pick up the kids from school. She leans forward as I push her trying to soak everything in. It makes me smile to see how much she enjoys being outside. 
Lucy loves to look out the window at everything that is going on. It is so cute to see her standing there looking out the window.  She really enjoys watching the kids play outside. 
Lucy has six teeth right now. In fact, the last one just came in a couple of days ago.  She has three teeth on the bottom and has two teeth up on top which are her canine or as we like to call them her fangs.  Her latest tooth is one of her two front teeth that has just barley poked its way through.  When she smiles real big, you can see her fangs!  As a result, we fondly call her our bum scooting vampire. 
Her hair is still crazy. Lucy always wakes up with some awesome bed head!

I love to hear her babble and chatter.  She has such the cutest and sweetest voice. I love hearing it!  She loves to blow raspberries.
I love that when I ask for kisses she will give me wide open mouth ones.  I love it! It makes me smile. The kids get a kick out of how she kisses. 

Lucy loves food; especially, sweets. You can guarantee that she will bum scoot her way over if she thinks that you might have anything she might like. 

Lucy loves to drink from straws. It is so cute to see her sit and drink happily from my cup.  She thinks she is pretty fancy. 
 Sometimes, when Lucy hears music, she dances. I love it!

I love it when Lucy folds her pudgy arms for prayer. It is so cute and endearing. Granted, she doesn't  keep them folded for long, but we are working on it.  

One downside is the fact that she isn't sleeping through the night yet consistently. She will sleep through occasionally.  I just don't have the heart to make her cry it out yet. 

 Lucy loves to look at herself in the mirror and chat with her friend that she sees staring back at her. It is so cute to see her get a big smile on her face when she sees her reflection.  
I loved it the other day when Hyrum held Lucy in his lap while we read scriptures as a family. You can tell that he just adores her and loves her so much.
I love how in the evening, when the kids are going to sleep, that Emmy will continue to sing Lucy songs after I have already sang her some. Emmy loves Lucy! I don't think our Lucy could ask for a better big sister.

I love how Ben makes Lucy giggle and laugh. Lucy loves Ben and Ben loves Lucy.
I love how excited Lucy gets when Brandon comes home from work.  You can tell that Lucy has a little soft spot for her daddy. 
I love how much Lucy is a momma's girl (most of the time). She loves it best when I am holding her. I love how sometimes she will snuggle up with me.  I am so lucky and so grateful to be her mother.
She has thinned out a little bit, but she still has wonderful rolls and chubby cheeks that I kiss all day long. We can't go any where without getting stopped a few times by people commenting on what a beautiful baby she is.

I love her expressive face and her big blue eyes. When she smiles really big, it melts my heart.

I love to see her cute little body just sitting there while she is playing with toys or looking at books. 
Lucy wears 18-24 month clothing.  She wears about a size 5 shoe. She wears size three diapers. She hasn't had her well baby check-up since we are waiting for insurance to kick in with Brandon's new job, but I would guess that she is around 28 lbs.
We are so grateful to have our sweet Lucy in our family. She is such a blessing in our lives! We have loved every minute of having her in our family.  She is a ray of sunshine because for the most part, she is a very happy baby.  She makes us smile and she makes us laugh. Lucy is such a sweetheart and has such a wonderful little spirit in that cute little body of hers.  We love our Lucy Louise!!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Lucy's First Birthday Party

For Lucy's first birthday party we went with the theme pink!  It was so much fun to create many fun little pink things for Lucy's birthday. We had a table full of pink yummy items for the guests to enjoy!

  Also, we decorated the house with pink decorations and fun pictures of Lucy around the room.

Of course, Brandon made Lucy's amazing cakes.

I made Lucy's shirt for her special day.

For Lucy's birthday party, we invited some new friends that we had met in the ward.    To start the party off, while we were waiting for everyone to arrive, we played Don't Eat Lucy.  I printed off a picture collage of Lucy for the game. 

Finally it was time for Lucy to dig into her beautiful cake that Brandon slaved over.  She was very dainty and didn't really dive into it. She was content to stick her pudgy fingers in and suck off the frosting!  She really didn't get that messy like my other kids did.   

She soon lost complete interest in the cake when our neighbor started sharing his ice cream with her and some pink lemonade.

  Lucy received some nice presents from our friends.  Lucy was given some new toys, puzzles, winter gloves and hat, a stuffed dog in a purse, baby plates and containers and another stuffed dog. 

After Lucy finished opening her presents we played a game of Catch Phrase while the kids were busy playing. 

The girls at the party were given pink glow-in-the dark wands, bubbles and a pink flower of their choice.  The boys were given the same thing, just in a different color besides pink! 

We had her party on her actual birthday so you can imagine how tired she was.  I love these pictures of her in her Halloween pajamas with me. We love our sweet Lucy!

We are grateful for the people who came and celebrated with us the birthday of our sweet Lucy girl.