Friday, November 20, 2015

Pionner Days 2015 - Part 3

Our third day of Pioneer celebrations started out early with the kids and I running the Manassa 5K.

Everyone tried their best and had a great time.

Emmy took third in her age group.

Ben took second in his age group.

I took fourth in my age group.  Hyrum finished strong and ran the race the best he could.
After the 5K was finished, we found a spot on main street to watch the parade again.

Next, we spent the whole day at the carnival having a marvelous time. We found a nice shady spot on the lawn to enjoy our day.  We brought a cooler full of things for lunch and treats through out the day.  However, we did enjoy a delicious famous Pioneer Day burger.

We rode many rides together laughing and having fun. Of course many of the pictures are of Lucy since I stayed with her most of the day and had the camera. The big kids were happy to go and have fun with Brandon and their friends.

We went home after the firework show ended, completely exhausted, but so happy and content with the day that we spent together as a family.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Friday Fishing

One Friday in July we went fishing!  We were bought pizza for dinner and headed up to the beautiful mountains to spend some quality time together.

Emmy's favorite part of the day was all the beautiful flowers she found. One of her talents is seeing creative beauty in the things around her.
\The kids loved being close to the water and going fishing.
Brandon spent most of the night fixing the poles for the kids. However, he was able to get a few moments of fishing by himself in.

Although we didn't catch anything, it was still a great night to spend as a family.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Pioneer Days 2015- Part 2

Friday brought another fun day during the Pioneer Celebration. My girls once again participated in a little summer dance class. As a result, the girls were able to be in the parade in Manassa.

I absolutely loved seeing Lucy in the truck during the parade. She waved her little heart out to me. It made me so happy.

Emmy felt pretty special holding the sign for the dance company.

There were also some pretty cool floats in this parade too.

Ben even found a friend to hang out with.

After the parade,  we headed over to the park to watch the girls perform the dance number they had been working on all summer long.

The girls each did a great job! It was so much fun watching them dance!