Sunday, February 28, 2010

Book of Mormon Stories and ABC's

Below are video clips of Ben and Emmy singing their ABC's and Book of Mormon Stories. For the past few months, Book of Mormon Stories has been one of their favorite songs to sing.

Fashion Diva

Emmy has been really into picking out her own clothes and shoes lately. Most of the time; especially if we are going somewhere, I will give her a couple different choices of outfits for her to pick from. However, on the 25th, I decided to let her pick out her clothes. She was pleased with her end result. To her credit, I did tell her that it was too cold for flip flops and that she would need to wear socks if she wanted to wear them outside. Got to love a three year old's sense of style!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Valentine's Day Part 2

Our stake had Stake Conference during the weekend of Valentines. The day before Valentine's Day we went to the adult session of Stake Conference and stopped at McDonald's on the way home to get a nice treat. I am really glad that we went to the adult session of conference. There was such a unique spirit during the meeting. I learned much from the talks which were given.

On Valentine's Day morning, the kids and I woke-up to a yummy breakfast Brandon made for us. He woke-up extra early to make sure we had a nice breakfast. Brandon made heart shaped pancakes and eggs. Brandon even put candles on the table to make the day fun.Emmy had to have her pretty flower she received the day before her on her highchair tray every time she ate during the day.Brandon and I decorated the house with hearts the night before while the kids were sleeping. Hyrum, Ben and Emmy were very excited when they saw all the hearts; especially, the ones that had their names written on them.Below are pictures of the kids in their Valentines shirts my mom got them.We played the game "Don't Eat Cupid" as a family while we waited for dinner to finish cooking.Growing up, my family had a tradition that we would always have a nice dinner on Valentine's Day. My mom would get out her china dishes, we drank sparkling cinder, candles would be used, a very nice dinner was prepared. My dad would get my mom, my sister and I flowers and the kids would receive fun small Valentine's Day presents from my parents. I remember that sometimes balloons were used to decorate the table and given as presents. My parents would send us kids out of the room so they could decorate the table for dinner and call us back in when the table was decorated. My siblings and I would come in and the candles were lit, the food was ready to eat. It was always so much fun. I decided to carry on the tradition with my own children.We had ribs from Corky's for dinner. The ribs were actually frozen and bought before hand. However, the ribs were still very tasty. We drank Sparkling Cider and used candles. The kids each received a box of fruit snacks and a flashlight. The flashlights have been a big hit. I made Brandon a candy bar bouquet and got him the movie Transporter 2. Brandon gave me a Biggest Loser work out video that I love and a Michael Buble CD. The kids loved the chocolate strawberries that they had for dessert.
It was a such a fun night and the perfect way to end the weekend of LOVE!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Valentine's Weekend Part 1

On Thursday, Febuary 11th, Hyrum had his class Valentine's Day party. Once again I was able help with the party. Before the party the kids passed out their Valentines. Hyrum worked very hard on his Valentines and was very eager to pass them to his friends.Once again the moms who helped with the party planned such fun activities. I think Hyrum always has such a great time.

Of course, he got to decorate some cookies. He was so sweet and decorated the big cookie just for me. He was so excited to share it with me when we got home.He also made a candy necklace.Hyrum also made a Valentine's Day Sucker with his picture on it.Pin the nose on the clown was another game played at the party as well as Don't Eat Cupid.
Hyrum also had a chance to decorate a foam heart.On the Friday before Valentine's Day everyone in our family had dates. To start the night off, the little boys gave flowers to Emmy and Mommy. They were very excited to give myself and Emmy the flowers.Can you tell Ben just woke up? Before mine and Emmy's date, I looked at a local cheap movie theater website to see if there was a fun movie to go and see. Emmy saw the Princess and the Frog on the site and wanted to see that movie again.

I loved seeing how excited Emmy was to go on our date. Emmy and I grabbed a quick bite to eat at Subway before our Movie.

I got her the kid combo of treats at the movie theater for her to enjoy while watching the movie. Her favorite part of the combo was the nummie fruit by the foot.

Before the movie started, she was chanting "Princess and the Frog" over and over. It was fun to hear her sing along with the opening song, comment and laugh about the movie and snuggle while watching the show. I think she could have fallen asleep at the end of the movie in my lap.

It was so enjoyable to just have one child for just a short amount of time. I was able to really focus on her and enjoy her fun personality of a spunky three year old. I think she really enjoyed our date. Of course, since the boys took the camera to the Monster Truck Rally I don't have any pictures of our night out on the town, but we had much fun together.

The boys and Brandon went to a Monster Truck Rally. Yes, the tickets were a little pricey, but if you know our boys and they loved every minute and thought it was awesome. The money was well spent.

The boys arrived a little early to the Monster Truck Rally so they could go down in the pit and get a closer look at the vehicles. Brandon and the kids went to the rally with some friends from our ward.
They had a great time. Hyrum's favorite truck was Grave Digger. He just thought it was cool that he had a skeleton on it. Ben of course liked Spiderman and got excited every time he came onto the course. The trucks were so loud that Hyrum, even with ear plugs, had to hold his hands over his ears. Even though the trucks were cool, I think the kids favorite part was the BMX bikes and the motorcycles that did tricks in the air.

The boys were very excited when they came home that evening. Both Ben and Hyrum had many things to tell me about what they saw that night. I had to laugh at Hyrum, he was very excited to give her a flier someone was handing out the Monster Truck Rally.

The next morning, as Hyrum was telling about all the fun they had the night before, he got a worried look on his face. Hyrum then went on to tell me that we needed to go back to the Monster Truck Rally that night because the man told them to come back and see them. It was pretty cute! Date night was the perfect way to start off the Valentine's weekend.