Monday, July 13, 2015

Albuquerque Zoo

Another fun place we went to on our trip to Albuquerque was the zoo!

There were many fun animals to see and enjoy!  We once again with our good friends and had a grand time together.

So of our favorite animals were the elephants, the cougar laying just above our head and the water seal feeding frenzy!

Lucy absolutely loved the train she saw going around the zoo. Lucy kept asking over and over to ride the train and so finally we gave in and made it on the train for the last ride of the day.

 Lucy was so excited to be on the train!

Other fun things we did on our trip was to eat at Golden Corral (twice), a new favorite of the kids, 5 Guys, and the temple. It was a packed weekend of excitement that we all enjoyed!

Spring Break Fun

The end of March brought the week of Spring Break for the kids. Brandon even took off a couple of the days from work and came and played with us in Albuquerque.

We headed south for a few days of fun as a family with our good friends. One of the fun places we went to was a trampoline place.

I only took a couple of pictures and then put the camera away.  I was too busy having fun with my family to take pictures.  These pictures below are of the kids jumping into a massive pit of foam squares. Even Brandon and I got in on the fun! Brandon has quite the trampoline skills!

Going to a trampoline place was the perfect way to start off our weekend of adventure. 

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Hyrum's Basketball Game

For the months of January, February, and March, Hyrum gave up most of his lunch recesses to practice his basketball skills for a game against the teachers. The same janitor who put on the basketball camp for the kids in January, taught the kids during recess.   I was impressed for how committed Hyrum was to the task.  Hyrum didn't miss a practice.

Hyrum was so excited for his game at the end of March against the teachers.  Lucy and I were able to go to the game and cheer him on!

Hyrum worked hard during the game and even scored a few baskets and had a few rebounds. The crowd of parents and kids irrupted into big cheers for every basket he made.

I was proud of him! I know he had a wonderful time playing basketball with his friends.

St. Patrick's Day 2015

This year we kept St. Patrick's Day pretty simple. A Leprechaun came to our house and evaded the traps the kids set.   The Leprechaun even left behind some treasure for the kids that was Rollos and rainbow licorice.

For dinner we had Shepard's pie, rainbow fruit, soda bread, salad and a tasty green drink. I can't remember what we had for dessert!

It was a fun and easy night spent with our family and our friend Brooklyn.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Homemade Donuts by Emmy

Back in the beginning of March, Emmy was in charge of the treat for FHE. I found an idea on Pintrest for making homemade donuts that was super easy and very hands on. 

Emmy absolutely loved making donuts with me. Emmy loves to create and anything sweet so this project combined both of her two loves. 

Also, the donuts didn't turn out too bad! It was fun to spend time bonding with my Emmy Girl!

Dr. Seuss Week

During the first week of March, the kids had a love of reading week and did lots of fun things that had to do with Dr. Seuss and his books. Some of the days the kids were told to wear pajamas to school, wear a hat day,  wear stripes day, wear silly socks day.

The very first day of the week, the kids were told to dress up like their favorite characters. We looked things up on Pintrest and came up with some decent results.

Ben was Thing 2 since a friend at school was going to be Thing 1
Emmy was Cindy Lou Who
Hyrum was Sam I am

Even Lucy had to get a hat and dress up like the kids.

It was a fun week at school that the kids absolutely enjoyed!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Wrestling 2015

Wrestling this past season was quick and fleeting due to the month of March being busy.  However, Ben loved every minute of wrestling and even came away with a  win of his bracket at one match and came home with the trophy!

I love this boy! I love the happiness and joy that he brings to our family! I admire his hard work and dedication with EVERYTHING. I am so blessed to be this boy's mom.

Snow Fort

Towards the end of February, we got pounded with a ton of snow! The kids were in pure heaven as school was cancelled and the roads were deemed to dangerous for Brandon to go to work!

We had a wonderful time playing in the snow with our little family!

The kids thought it was totally awesome that dad helped them build a fort.

It was a wonderful winter day!

Museum of Nature and Science

 One weekend at the end of February, we decided to be spontaneous! We packed up the kids and headed to Denver to go to the Museum of Nature and Science and spent the weekend with Craig and Nancy.

The kids thought the museum was so cool. There were so many different things to look at and do there. We stayed until it closed enjoying every minute.

I think the favorite spot of the museum for the kids was the science lab. The kids were able to do simple science experiments and absolutely loved it! Brandon was right there channeling his skills from a job he had back in our BYU days as a lab assistant.

Lucy of course found the slide and was content to play on it for a good portion of the time.

It was a enjoyable weekend just to enjoy our little family!