Thursday, April 26, 2012

5 Year Old Check-Ups

On March 20th, Ben and Emmy had their 5 year old check-up. 
 Emmy has been stressing herself out about this appointment for YEARS! She was worried about when this horrid day would come when she would have to get shots!

When the nurse came in to do the finger poke for iron, Ben went first and didn't even flinch.  Emmy started getting worked up watching Ben get his finger poked. By the time it was her turn, she was hysterical and it took me trying to pin her down a couple of times before we were able to get a finger to poke. 

The doctor then came in to check them out.   Both Ben and Emmy are in the 50th percentile for height and weight. 

Ben 42 lbs and 44 inches long
Emmy 42 lbs  43.5 inches long

The doctor talked to Ben and Emmy about what they like to eat, had them write their name. Overall, both of them look good and ready to start kindergarten in the fall.  The doctor put Emmy at ease and she was somewhat calm when a different nurse came in to give the BIG shots.  This time, I had Emmy go first, she cried, but she didn't try to break free.  Ben recently was saying that he wasn't afraid of anything, so I reminded him of that right before he got his shots. When Ben was given the shots you could tell that it hurt, but he decided that he wouldn't cry and be brave. Afterwards, he was quite pleased that he was called, "the Man of Shots."  Ben then went onto declare that he was, "The Master of Shots."

Both Ben and Emmy are very excited to start kindergarten in the fall. They have told me that they will miss me when they go to Kindergarten, but that I would be able to come and have lunch with them.   I can't believe the time is already here for them to go to school.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Hunger Games

On Thursday, March 22nd was a night that I had looked forward to for a long time. It was the night before the release date of the infamous movie The Hunger Games.  To prepare for this wonderful night, a good friend Sheriece invited everyone over to her house to make awesome shirts for the highly anticipated night.  She was so sweet to have everyone over to house and very encouraging as I stressed out while making my shirt.  

Whitney invited me to come over to her house and make a shirt with her and Starla on Wednesday of that week. I went and made my sister a shirt. 

On the 22nd, I was so excited. I got dressed in my shirt and did my hair an make-up while listening to music. I met up with a couple of girls to enjoy some frozen yogurt before we went to the theater to make sure we got the best seats for the movie.
Lining up outside waiting to be let in.
Caitlin, Whitney, Starla, Yadhyra, Sheriece, Me and Meagan

 Starla, Whitney and I
Jeanette and I

Sheriece and Jeanette
 It was fun to chat with all the wonderful ladies while waiting for the movie to start at 12:01.
The movie... I really liked it. Was it as good as the book? No.  What movie is actually as good as the book it is based off of?  Were there things I would have liked to have seen different? Yes.  However, I was disappointed when the movie was over.  It was such a fun night! I love hanging out with my friends here in Memphis and will miss them when I leave.  

Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Zoo

During Hyrum's Spring Break (middle of March), when Brandon had the day off, we went to the zoo.
We had a wonderful time. Hyrum was using a clip board to document what he saw at the zoo.

 The kids loved watching the grizzly bears play in the water.
  Emmy found her beloved Hippo.

 Lucy was enjoying herself in the baby bjorn watching all the crazy things around her. Technically, it was her second time to the zoo, but it was the first time being there really awake and seeing all the many things around her.

We love going to the zoo!

Children's Museum

On March 6th, Brandon had the day off from work.  We decided that we were in need of a family day so we checked Hyrum out a little early from school and headed to the Children's Museum. We had a fantastic time together as a family. 
The kids enjoyed some of the new exhibits at the museum like the rock climbing wall, the farmer's market and the awesome dinosaur part.
Ben and Emmy thought it was pretty awesome to find the dinosaurs at the museums that they did their report on for preschool.
The kids loved it when I held Lucy and had her dance in front of the green screen.

We had lots of laughs and enjoyed every moment together as a family. 

Thursday, April 5, 2012


During the month of February, the kids learned about Dinosaurs at preschool. In the beginning of March, Ben and Emmy were invited to do a dinosaur report.  The guidelines of the project were really open ended and left it up to the students to decide how much time they wanted to put in the project.  Everyone worked really hard with Brandon to create a Volcano to explode (the vinegar, baking soda type).  It was a family affair.
 They did such an amazing job and were so proud of their hard work. Also, Ben and Emmy each picked a dinosaur to research and become experts about. Emmy picked the Plesiosaurus and Ben picked the T-Rex.

Ben and Emmy each colored the dinosaur they had chosen to become an expert about and placed them in the path of the volcano. 
 It was a fun project to do as a family.

Lucy at Five Months

Since Lucy is officially six months old I thought I would post about her time when she was five months (The pictures of her taken with the pink and yellow flower were taken on the 6th of March). 

Oh how I love this sweet girl. She is such a sweetheart.
I love looking in her big blue eyes. They melt me, especially when she smiles.
   Love her big smile. She always has the biggest smile when I go to get her from her crib.
  Everywhere we go people stop to look at our sweetheart. I love showing her off.
Lucy had some big firsts when she was five months old.   She tried her first taste of rice cereal and LOVED it.  It is so funny to see her attack the spoon of cereal. You would think that I starve her and that she was wasting away.  She also makes cute little grunting noises because she get so excited to eat.

During the month of March, Lucy went to the zoo for the very first time with some friends.  She slept most of the time in her carseat.

Also, she tried out her exerciser during March and has really gotten the hang of it.

Lucy went with our family, for her first time, to the Children's Museum here in Memphis.  The big kids got a kick out of when I would make Lucy dance to the music in front of a green screen.
Lucy is sooo close to rolling over. However, she does scoot herself places on her back. 

Lucy loves her siblings and always has the biggest smile for them.  Hyrum, Ben and Emmy all love their little sister Lucy.

Lucy has really been starting to grab and hold many things.  The kids think it is hilarious when she knocks down a cup.  Lucy is seeming to really be enjoying her toys a lot more since she has been able to grab them.  It is cute to see her focus so hard on grabbing the object in front of her.

Lucy loves to grab at my hair. She loves it when I swing it in her face.

It seems as if some teeth are trying to poke through in Lucy's mouth.  Her pour mouth seems swollen. Plus, she has had large amounts of drool and her hands are always in her mouth.

One of my favorite things to do with Lucy is to hold her close and sing I am a Child of God  to her.  She seems to really enjoy it and so do I.  I love when she nurses off to sleep and I snuggle her close for a few minutes before I put her down to bed. Those are the moments I treasure. When the other kids are in bed and I am rocking my baby Lucy. 

I love kissing Lucy.  I love kissing her lips, her cheeks, her neck etc.  She is so kissable. I also love tickling Lucy. It is so much fun to hear her little grunt/laugh as I pin her chubby arms above her head and tickle her.

Lucy has been enjoying going on walks in the stroller with me outside.  

Lucy has a special smile for her daddy. She enjoys having some daddy time.

Lucy is getting better at sleeping through the night, but she isn't consistent yet. Someday.

 We love our sweet Lucy! I am so lucky to be her mother and have her in our family.