Thursday, May 25, 2017

Briggy at Five Months

 This sweet baby turned five months old in January. He love to read books with mom; especially those with pictures of faces in them. He absolutely loves his baths and really splashes with his plump little legs when having one.
 Brigham prefers toys that make a lot of noise when he shakes them and he vigorously shakes them to get the desired noise he wants. He is really cute banging his plump hands on things.  

He loves to get a hold of mom's hair and play with it. I love watching him figure out control of his fingers and hands.

We have fights at our house if he hasn't been loved and held equally by his four adoring siblings. Brigham enjoys playing peek-a-boo with mom. He has the sweetest smile that he gives when picked up each morning.

His big blue eyes melt my heart!

 He is such a sweetheart that loves to cuddle and be held by his mama.


Emmy the Artist

 Emmy has always been extremly creative. She is great at taking something from nothing and turning it into something extraordinary!

Below Emmy is holding a yummy cupcake she made.
Emmy was quite proud of her fractions pie she made at school for Thanksgiving.
 She also made an incredible haunted house with math facts!
Emmy made this amazing poinsettia that was on display for her Christmas concert at school.
Emmy used some of her birthday money to buy this ceramic elephant and painted it!

Emmy is the happiest when she is creating something! We love this sweet girl!

Sweet Lucy

 The pictures in this post include some fancy artwork and pictures that Lucy made while she was at preschool. Lucy has become quite the artist!! I love seeing her creations! I absolutely love the ice cream scoops that spell her name.

 One night in January, Lucy just need snuggles from her daddy.  She snuggled right up with Brandon and went to sleep.  I think the snuggles were enjoyed by both of them!  This little girl is growing up way too fast!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Snow Fun- 2017

 During the month of January 2017 our little town was pounded with some large snow storms. Thank goodness we had some friends with tractors who came to dig us out. While our neighbors dug us out, they piled the snow in a huge pile in front of our house.  The kids absolutely loved playing on the huge hill. 

 We even bundled up Brigham and took him out for a minute or two.
 The kids decided to try out the hill with our sleds.  Lucy preferred to slide down the enormous hill on her bum!

Don't let the sunshine fool you, it was freezing in the month of January.  The kids enjoyed the snow until it was gone!  It is a fun winter memory!

Sweet Briggy

I love these pictures of Briggy in his overalls. He looked absolutely adorable in these overalls. His little hair is coming in and starting to curl.  I love the sweet little expressions on his face in these pictures that were taken in January 2017.

I loved dressing Briggy up in his BYU attire. We are big BYU fans at our house!


I love these pictures of Brigham with Lucy and Hyrum. As you can tell, Lucy has completely adored Brigham from the beginning and he adores her.

Hyrum also is such a big helper with Brigham. Brigham is lucky to have so many siblings who love him! We are so grateful he came to our family!