Friday, July 30, 2010

Wet n' Wild Primary Activity

At the begining of June, our ward had a Primary Wet n' Wild Party. The day was a little overcast, but in all honesty it was perfect since the weather didn't get too hot.

For the party, we had a wading pool and a flat slip and slide for the kids that felt a little nervous about going down the big hill.We had a large slip and slide that went down a big hill for the older kids(Yes, that is Ben going down the big hill...he thinks he is big).Just for fun, we added lots of dish soap.

Hyrum and Ben loved hanging out in the big kid area. As you can tell from the pictures, Ben thinks he is big and tries to keep up with the big boys.Emmy was for the most part very happy to stay on the flat slip and slide. One time she went down the big one with her friend Kylie and another with myself. At the very end, she went down the hill by herself.

As you can tell, the kids had a great time!The kids loved making trains to go down the big hill.Seth, Hyrum, Lexi, Chloe

Kazim, Seth, Hyrum, Ben and Ryan
To end the party, the kids had popsciciles. I would say that the party was a success! It was a fun summer party!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Good Friends

In the month of June we said good-bye to some great friends. Our friend Starla threw a big going away party at her house. A jump house was even rented for the event.Brandon and Emily and their family have been such good friends.

Emma is such a sweet girl. Emmy always has so much fun with her.Hyrum thinks Boo hung the moon. In his eyes, Boo can do no wrong.
Ben also is enamored with Boo.Ben thinks he is going to marry Maggie.
I don't have a picture of him, but their Max is so cute. He has the sweetest smile and adorable brown eyes.

Brandon was the coach of Hyrum's soccer team the Shockers back when Hyrum started playing soccer. He did such a great job.
Emily is such a sweet and fun person who loves surprises and birthdays. She throws great parties. She was always so nice and friendly to me.We will miss this fun little family!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Kindergarten Check-Up

Hyrum had a big day at the doctor's office before we left on our trip to Utah. He had his five year old exam(the office told me to wait until he was close to going to school so we wouldn't have to do two exams).

Hyrum was so excited to go to the doctors because he knew this visit was a stepping stone to going to Kindergarten. However, when the nurse told him that he would get shots after his visit with the doctor he was not happy.
When the doctor came into see him, Hyrum was quite chatty. The doctor asked Hyrum to name four colors. Hyrum told the doctor that he likes all the colors, except girl colors. The doctor repeated the question for Hyrum to name four colors. Hyrum picked red, blue, yellow and green (I think).

The doctor asked Hyrum what his favorite food was. Hyrum's response was bacon(he does love bacon).

The doctor then asked Hyrum what his favorite fruit was. Hyrum's response was strawberries and bananas(I think).

To be honest, it has been so long that I can't remember all that Hyrum was asked or his answers. Not to mention, I had Ben and Emmy with me too so it was a crazy appointment.

After her conversation with Hyrum, the doctor said that Hyrum was more than ready for Kindergarten. At his appointment he weighed 48.2 lbs and measured 45 inches tall. If I remember correctly he was still documented being in the 90th-95th percentile. He has always been a solid boy.

Hyrum was very upset when he got the shots. As the last shot was going in he screamed, "It BURNS! Like fire and sharp knives."

Now that the shots are past, he is for the most part excited to go to Kindergarten. Below is our to-do list before he goes to Kindergarten. School starts here the first part of August. I am already getting a little emotional about sending him to school and the time is not even here yet. However, we are excited for him and this new adventure he is taking.

*Sprinkler Park-CHECK
*Mud Island
*Movie with the Family-CHECK
*Go Miniature Golfing
*Read 20 Books

7 years...

On June 7th Brandon and I celebrated our seventh anniversary. It is hard to believe that we have been married for so long. Then other times it I can't remember when we haven't been married.Brandon was so cute, he planned a fun weekend to celebrate. He contacted one of our friends in the ward and asked them if they wouldn't mind watching our kids for the evening and the next morning. Around 4:30 I got a text from him telling me to drop off the kids and head to a location. Brandon planned where we were eating and found a nice hotel that he got a steal of a deal for. He did everything! The only thing I needed to do was pack for myself and drop the kids off.

We had dinner at a Mexican restaurant and went and saw Prince of Persia.

We had such a great time just the two of us! It has been along time since we truly celebrated our anniversary. I am lucky to have such a sweetheart. He is very thoughtful and caring. Brandon is such a great dad and our kids love him. Seven years and three kids later, I couldn't have asked for a better man. He is perfect for me! Thank you for loving me, smooch! I will love you forever!

Miniature Golfing

Our library here in Memphis has a great summer reading program. Among other things, every week we can bring back the kids' reading chart and they can pick from a variety of coupons. We have picked the coupon for a free game of miniature golf and arcade card a couple of times.

Below are pictures from, when we took the kids miniature golfing for the first time as a family.

The kids were so excited to go and had a great time.

Brandon taught Hyrum to golf at the first hole and sent him on his way. Hyrum did such a great job. We were impressed with his skills.
For Emmy and Ben, Brandon or I would help them with that first hit on each hole and then let them finish(we would help Ben and Emmy more if they were struggling).
Emmy picked a red ball.Ben started off with a green ball and switched Hyrum for the yellow ball sometime during the course.Hyrum told Brandon that since he did such a great job, Brandon should take him "daddy golfing." Besides the fact that it was so hot and humid when we played, we had such a great time as a family.