Sunday, January 31, 2010

Talking Tibberators

One of my new goals is to do a better job documenting the funny things the kids tell me and do.

The other day Brandon decided to make pumpkin waffles for breakfast. While he finished cooking the last few waffles, Brandon asked the kids what they thought the waffles might taste like. Ben's response was, "I think that they will taste like Utah...mmm Utah." It was so cute and so funny!

While I was driving in the car the other day with the kids, Hyrum was sharing his thoughts on motorcycles. He really wants one. He said, "Mom, can I please get a motorcycle? I will drive it very quietly." I told Hyrum that driving it quietly wasn't what I was worried about. I then went on to ask him if he would drive it carefully or crazy. Hyrum got a big smile on his face and told me that he would drive the motorcycle CRAZY!

Some might remember this post where Emmy tells me that Jesus said she could have another yogurt. The other day I set out some socks and shoes for her to wear for the day. I ask her to get her socks and shoes on and the next thing I see is her wearing flip-flops. I asked her why she was wearing her flips-flops and she told me, "Santa said I could."

This picture will give you a good idea of the boys' bunk bed before I start my next little story. The boys have discovered the Rubbermaid storage bins and their lids that I store under their bed. They like to drive their cars on the lids. The other day the boys were having fun playing in their room and having a good time. I decided to go back and check on them. When I went into the room I found the boys sitting on the top bunk in a lid of a storage box. Hyrum was aiming the lid to go down off the bunk bed (like one would do with a sled on the top of a hill). Hyrum then tells Ben, "Ben, this is going to be scary." I decided that it was best to stop the situation instead of finding a camera. However, I still wish I got a picture of their craziness. At least I don't have to question their creativity, right?

Christmas Day-2009

We had so much fun on Christmas. The kids actually slept in on Christmas morning. My parents ended up waking the kids around 8:30 or so. I think my parents were pretty excited for Christmas themselves.

Hyrum told us that he heard Santa's belly scraping against the chimney as he was coming down to deliver presents. Hyrum also mentioned that he hear a loud pop on the roof and he thinks that it was Rudolph who he heard on the roof.

Ben said that he thought he heard jingle bells during the night.

Isn't there nothing like little kids to help us truly experience the magical aspects of Christmas?

You may notice in the pictures below that Ben isn't wearing his pajamas. Ben noticed that his Papa switched into real clothes before we went to open presents. Since Ben has to be just like his Papa he had to change his clothes too.

Before we went out to see if Santa came we had family prayer. Next, we lined up youngest to oldest with the youngest going into the room first.

The kids were very excited when they saw what Santa brought them.

Ben was excited for his cool Lighting McQueen Toys. Hyrum thought his Transformer and Chick Hicks truck were pretty awesome.Emmy was already going to town trying to open her dress-up clothes that came in a fun princess chest.
Hyrum was so thrilled to see that he got his very own camera. I think we may have posts soon on the blog that show the fun pictures Hyrum has taken with his new camera.I haven't taken a picture of it yet, but Ben received some very cool blocks. I am sure I will be posting about the kids' creativity with the blocks soon.

One of the first things Ben did that morning was to check on the cookies which were left out for Santa. He made sure to eat the leftovers.Hyrum was quite distraught when he saw that Millie received a piece of coal in her stocking (Brandon was the one who put the coal there as a joke).Before we opened any gifts, the kids went through their stockings. They found many fun things Santa left them.Emmy thought the Dora toothbrush she received was awesome!My kids love to color. Each child received from Santa, in their stocking, new coloring tools and notebooks. They were very excited.Emmy received a box of princess clothes and baby accessories from Santa. The cute dolly she received was from Grandma Nelson. Hyrum received matching Alphabet and word cards.Emmy opening her Pretty Pretty Princess game she received from Aunt Millie.Ben got new clothes! He would sometime give his clothes hugs when he saw them because he was so excited. It was so cute watching him give his new clothes hugs.
Hyrum has loved his Superman shirt he received!The boys loved their mini cars they received from Grandma Nelson.Emmy claimed the pink and purple mini cars the boys received from Grandma Nelson.The boys also received a doctors kit from my parents. They have had so much fun playing with it.For part of the morning, Emmy sat on my dad's lap to open presents. Emmy also enjoyed coloring with her new pencils and notebook while she was waiting for her turn to open a present.
The boys received a new CARS movie from Sean(someone put a nice little crack in our old one). The boys were very excited.Emmy loved the nail polish and make-up she received from Sean.Emmy loved her tea set she received from my parents. Even Ben has enjoyed playing with the tea set too!The boys received three new Cars games to play. Papa picked the games out specifically for them.Emmy received new clothes!
Brandon having a good time opening presents Christmas morning.
One of my favorite presents to give this year was the one I gave my sister Millie. I contacted members of our family and close friends to send me a couple of recipes and some pictures of their family to go into a cookbook. I was quite pleased with the results and I think she was too.
After we were finished opening presents we went to my Aunt Lana's house for breakfast. It was quite tasty. It was fun to hear how other family members Christmas mornings were.

When we were finished at Lana's we stopped off at my Aunt Karen's to see her new house. Karen's new home is beautiful! I think it will be perfect for her and Allen.

Next, we went to my Grandma and Grandpa's house to continue on with the Christmas celebration. The kids received fun new shirts and money from Grandma and Grandpa. Brandon and I received our "usual" presents from them. It is a present that we both look forward too!

Like we have for the past few years, we finished the day off by going to visit Brandon's sister Lorri and her family. We received such fun presents from Lorri and her family! Brandon and I received some nice jackets from Lorri and Dwight.

Hyrum received a cool Transformer from Carson.Emmy has enjoyed her princesses she received from Natalie. Ben received an awesome Etch a Sketch from his cousin Steven (who drew his name in the Brandon's family Christmas draw)We always have such a good time while we are at Dwight and Lorri's! Dwight, Lorri, Brandon and I ended up playing games all night and the kids ran around and had a blast together. Hyrum thought Hannah's new PSP was pretty cool. Thanks again Lorri and family!

I gave Brandon his Christmas present before we went to Utah. I organized his mission photos and put them into photo albums. He seemed pretty please with the end result.

I received from Brandon, for Christmas, a ticket to Time Out For Women when it comes to Memphis in April. I am very excited to go.

It was such a fun Christmas! Thank you again everyone!