Sunday, February 5, 2017

Hyrum's a Deacon

 On November 13th, Hyrum was ordained a deacon in our church. He was given the Aaronic priesthood by his father, with his grandpas, Uncle Sean, Chuck, Jesse, and our bishop assisting. 

Just like with Brigham's blessing, the spirit in that room was incredible which testified of the divinity and importance of what was happening.  The spirit there was not unlike the day he was born. I remember being at a loss for words at the intensity of the spirit which surrounded his birth. I knew then that this boy is a child of God and is destined for greatness. Even if the greatness is to be a loving father, brother, son, in his own home. 

  Hyrum was told in the blessing to look to the men who were giving him the priesthood to be an example of how he should magnify the priesthood.   Also, Hyrum was told that the Lord was pleased with his choice to become a deacon. 

Hyrum was blessed to have many people who love him and care for him there for his ordination.

It was such a special day for me as his mama. I love this boy! I love how he tries his best to do what is right.  I love the big brother that he is. 

' I love seeing the special bond that he has with his father. It is easy to see that they love each other. 

I love that he is apart of our family.  It is a privilege and an honor to be this boy's mom.

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