Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sunday Videos

Back in the end of May, on a Sunday, we filmed some fun videos of the kids. They were each very excited for their turn to stand on the fireplace and sing a song.

Ben's favorite song right now is I Hope They Call Me on a Mission. He always requests that song to be sung. I love it when he sings!

Emmy still requests You Better Watch Out to be sung almost daily.

Each of them have grown up so fast! I need to be better about filming videos to capture their fun personalities and the silly and funny things they do.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Nap Time...

Or lack thereof. When I thought that Ben was taking a wonderful nap (on May 10th 2010), he was very quietly playing with a stamp and got ink everywhere. He got pink on himself, toys, sheets and many more places I am sure I will find eventually. The stamp was up high. He either had help or he used his mad climbing skills to get the messy device. It took a long time for the stamps to come off. He got lots of compliments on his pink tint!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Preschool Graduation

On May 13th, Hyrum graduated from Liahona Preschool. Hyrum has loved every single minute of going to school.

Ben and Emmy before the program began.Last year, Hyrum didn't really participate much in the program, but this year he stepped it up a little.

To start off the program they sang the Hello Song from the Primary Children's Song Book. Hyrum looked so cute singing the song and doing the actions. I loved his cute little bow he did at the end of each performance. Hyrum was so much fun to watch during his program.Next, the kids sang their ABC's and then Five Little Pumpkins.

The kids then went on to count to 100. Hyrum LOVES counting to 100 and is quite proud of himself that he can do so. He will count for anyone who will listen.Next, the kids sang Turkey Dinner. Followed by the kids reciting 1 Nephi 3:7.The kids then went on to sing 10 Little Indians. Followed by the kids reciting 2 Nephi 2:25 and singing Away in a Manger.

Next, the kids recited Alma 32:21 and went on to sing Jesus Loves Me. The kids then recited Jacob 2:18, April Showers Bring May Flowers, and Alma 41:10.The kids then went on to sing Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes in English and then Spanish. Followed by the Days of the Week song in English and Spanish.

Next, the kids named off the months of the year. To end the program the kids sang a Good-Bye song.

After the kids finished singing, Ms. Tami commented on how much the kids have learned this year and to keep up the good work during the summer.Ms. Tami gave each child a certificate and workbook.After Ms. Tami finished passing out the workbooks, the kids each gave a flower to her telling why they liked her as a teacher. Hyrum's reason why he loves Ms. Tami was that she let them have a sprinkler party.The downer of the night was that Brandon ended up getting stuck at his externship and missed the whole thing. Hyrum was worried at first before I told him that Brandon could watch his program with him at home.

Did anyone noticed that Hyrum's buttons were off? I didn't notice at all that night until Brandon commented on the pictures. Mother of the year award!

Hyrum has come so far! He is such a smart little guy. His reading has improved by leaps and bounds and he is doing simple math problems. To be honest, it makes me a little sad thinking about him going to Kindergarten next year. I can't help but wonder if I have prepared enough for the next big step in his life. Brandon and I love him so much. We are so lucky to have our Handsome Hyrum in our family. We can't wait to see all the many wonderful things he will accomplish!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Galveston Beach

Our children had been asking to go to the beach for awhile. They were so excited when they heard that we were planning a trip to the beach. Hyrum, Ben and Emmy eagerly anticipated our beach time.

The beach did not disappoint! The kids (as well as Brandon and myself) were in heaven all afternoon. The weather couldn't have been any better. The water temperature was fabulous. We pretty much had the gorgeous beach to ourselves.

This picture was Hyrum running in the water at the beach for the first time. I love his smile! It is easy to feel his excitement.Emmy walking out in the water for the first time with Brandon. That girl was a little dare devil in the water and loved every minute.

Ben was a little reserved in the water which surprised me. However, he did still have a great time.
A lot of time was spent playing in the water.The kids enjoyed playing with the water Frisbees and footballs.The kids loved trying to make sand castles and playing in the sand. Ben worked so hard on filling his bucket up with sand! It was so cute, he would scoop a little sand in his bucket and take a break and go run into the water with a big smile on his face and run back. The video below is of him when he finally completed his task of filling up his bucket. He was so proud of himself. I meant to take a picture, but the camera was on video.
The kids LOVED finding shells on the beach and came home with a good bowl full. They are now in a cup in our "fishy" bathroom.

We found some jelly fish on the beach and in the water.
We found crabs while we were swimming in the ocean. The kids then decided that it would be fun to be a crab.
It was one of those days that was pretty darn close to being absolutely perfect. The day that you wish you could live over again. We loved every minute of playing on the beach.We left the next day to come home and had a very LONG drive. Before we left, the kids wanted to walk on the beach one last time, so we did. We had such a great time in Galveston!