Thursday, May 21, 2015

Emmy and Lucy's Chocolates

One thing about my Emmy is that she loves to create things. The messier the better! She is very adventurous and is always thinking of how she can reuse something into a newer and better creation. When she was younger, she was always in the trash looking for new treasures. I blame her for all the dishes that I am missing.

She saved her plastic insert from her advent calendar from Christmas.  Emmy begged me to allow her to melt and make her own chocolates.

One day, I gave in and allowed her and Lucy to make princess chocolates. They had a wonderful time together, even though they were a little messy.

I try to look at as a chance for sister bonding and for Emmy to be able to explore her creative juices! 

As you can tell, the girls loved every minute!

Princess Lucy

Another thing Lucy loves is music. She loves it when I turn on the music and she and I dance. Lucy usually insists on wearing a princess dress while she dances and looks adorable. 

Sometimes we sing along to the music together. She insists that I do the prince part and she does the princess singing part.  

Lucy cracks me up with the poses that she strikes while I try to take her picture! These pictures were taken January 2015.

I love this little spitfire! 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Star Student of the Month

Back in January, Emmy was the Start Student of the Month for her class. She was so excited to be the star student; especially since she got a huge Cookies and Cream candy bar, her favorite.  

Emmy was named the start student because she puts all her effort into her work and makes sure that it is her very best. She is a blast to have in class. She is fun and kind!
I am proud of my Emmy girl for working hard in school and always trying her best! I love her!

Super Bowl Party

The Monday after the Super Bowl, we had our own little party and watched the game.

 The kids each requested a fun food to have, we even had pop! I made little meatballs and had a few decorations.  Lucy even picked a dessert out for us to share with the family.

Another night we also had a fun night watching a football game.  Emmy helped me make Danish Dessert since it was FHE.

We put out a blanket on the floor and had a little picnic and watched the game.

I made enchiladas since those are Hyrum's favorite food.  

Ben was excited to have shrimp!
The boys loved every minute. My girls got a little bored after awhile. Overall, it was a fun night with our little family.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Hungry Hippos

One of Lucy's favorite games to play is Hungry, Hungry, Hippos.  My grandma N. actually gave this game to Emmy back when she was obsessed with hippos.

Lucy and I  play Hungry, Hungry, Hippos often. However, Lucy's favorite way to play the game is with our family. One day in January, we were lucky to have our boys join us for a wild game.

I love taking the time to play and spend time with my kids!

Play Doh Fun

Lucy loves to play with play doh. Almost every day, she begs me to get the play doh out and play with her.  These pictures were taken back in January of 2015 of her and I having some play doh fun. 

Lucy mixed the colors then, but has since decided that mixing the colors ruins the play doh and hasn't mixed the colors again. 
Lucy loves to get out her princesses and change their dresses with play doh. She copied this idea from  YouTube videos that she watches.

Sometimes, I will create letters out of play doh while I play with Lucy, and have her tell me what letter it is.

Lucy likes to have a variety of tools when she plays play doh to make her creations.

 I love that she and I have some time to spend just the two of us having fun!

Hyrum's Diorama

Hyrum worked very hard at school on his diorama of modified basket makers. Hyrum even used clay to make part of his diorama!

He was very excited to bring it home to me and show it off. I love how he works so hard in school to do his very best.

 I love that he is still excited to bring home his projects and show them to me. 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Lucy is a Sunbeam

One Sunday in January, I couldn't resist taking pictures of my sweet Lucy. She looked adorable for church. Also, the pictures were taken on her first day to be a Sunbeam in Primary.

 She struggles with going to primary, she would rather stay in nursery with me and her friends. However, she has since come to love her teacher and will only cry until her teacher comes and then is happy for the rest of this time.
I can't believe my little Lucy is old enough to be a sunbeam!

New Year's Eve 2104

New Year's Eve 2014 we spent with some of our best friends, the Shawcrofts.

We ate delicious food, played fun games and set off fireworks when the clock struck twelve.

It was a fun night spent with friends celebrating the New Year. 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Bowling Fun 2014

During the end of December, the kids and I took a trip to our local bowling alley.

It was a fun afternoon together.  The kids love to bowl and loved every minute.

We were lucky that Brandon even came to spend some time with us during his lunch break.

It was a great way to end our Christmas vacation!