Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Valentine's Day 2017

 Valentine's Day was wonderful with this sweet baby to love! Aren't those cheeks kissable! 

 Ben and Emmy made some fancy Valentine boxes for their class party. 
 Briggy looked adorable playing in his exersaucer.

 Before our dinner the kids went and lined up youngest to oldest to come out for our fancy love day dinner.  While the kids are in the back room, we decorate the table fancy with flowers, presents, candlesticks and all sorts of fun things.
 Ben was thrilled for his magic cards and the books he received. 
 Hyrum was pretty pumped about the books he was given. 

 Lucy was thrilled to have a Sofia the First Book. 
 Lucy was excited to give the sweet Valentine that she made for Brandon.
 Emmy LOVED her gel pins, chocolates and the book, Black Beauty. 
 As tradition, Brandon bought flowers for his girls!

 Briggy was given some oatmeal, sweet potatoes baby food and some new shoes!

 We had a fancy meal of our favorites: Chicken Cordon Bleu, veggies, rolls, sparkling cider with Danish Dessert.

 The kids were given fun valentine cards, with a dollar in them, from my parents.
 It was a wonderful night with our family to celebrate the love we have for each other. 

Valentine's Day Cookies

One of my favorite things to do with my kids, during the holidays, is to make delicious sugar cookies!! The kids love to help make and create. They all enjoy devouring the cookies.  Such fun memories have been made by making cookies together!

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Brigham's First Cereal

 The month of February also brought Brigham trying rice cereal for the first time.  He was a little unsure of it at first, but soon came to LOVE his food. 

His eyes would get really big while he would take a bite. While we were feeding him for the first time, he would shake with excitement when the food came close!  He would then attack the spoon  

Of course the kids loved every minute of watching him eat his food! They were laughing so hard at everything that he would do. I think it is safe to say that he is loved!

Exersaucer Fun

Early in the month of February, we got out the exersaucer for Brigham to try for the first time.

He was a little unsure, but seemed to like it.   Of course, Lucy was there to make sure he was okay and to help play with the toys. 

Thank goodness Brigham has Lucy by his side to help him.

Briggy's First Night in His Crib

These pictures make my heart happy as I think back on this day! February 4th, was the first night for Brigham sleeping in his own room. Lucy was insistent to sleep by him so he wouldn't be alone. She was very worried about him. Brigham is loved so much by her.

Please note the book and flashlight by her. She reads one book at night before she goes to bed, with her flashlight.

Ben the Artist!

Ben worked so hard on this masterpiece! This picture had tiny little squares on the whole page. Ben had to figure out the answer to the math fact in the square, find the coordinating color to the answer, and color the square. It took him awhile to complete this work of art. He was so proud of his hard work! Love this boy!

65th, 85th, 90th,

 In the month of January, my family held a wonderful celebration in honor of my grandparents 65th wedding anniversary, my grandma turning 85 and my grandpa turning 90. 

To start the day off, all nine of my grandparents children and many grandchildren attended an endowment session together. It was wonderful. I loved every minute.  I remember looking over at my grandpa during the session and being impressed with the man that he was. 
 Shortly following the temple, we met up at a church and had a great family dinner.  On the walls in the room, they set up a couple of different stations that commemorated grandma and grandpa's life together. 

 A short program was held.As a family, we stood and recited the Living Christ. 
 The family gave grandma and grandpa two flags to hang at their new home in Blanding. I will always remember grandma sharing her thoughts on living in the United States. What a patriotic woman she is! She also shared her testimony of the gospel. What a faithful woman she is!
 We then ate a delicious meal.

 Grandma and grandpa with all nine of their children!

It was definitely a day to remember!