Sunday, June 26, 2016

Grandma and Papa's Visit

We always love it when my parents come to visit! My mom and dad were able to come and visit us back in October of 2015.

While they were visiting us, we were able to celebrate my mom's birthday. Brandon even made my mom a special cake!

My parents also took Hyrum to lunch, read books with the kids, played games and play doh.

My parents were also able to watch Emmy play soccer and the boys play football on the big high school field.

Everything is so much more enjoyable when grandma and papa are there with us.

Halloween Cookies

One of my favorite things to do with my kids in the month of October is making sugar cookies with my girls!

The girls love getting up to the counter and help me make the cookies. The boys enjoy eating the spoils. I didn't get any after pictures, but I can tell you the cookies turned out fantastic!

I love spending time with my sweet girls!

High Altitude Challenge-Fall 2015

One of the things our kids like to participate in is the High Altitude Challenge. Every fall, our local rec center puts on a fun race once a week for the kids to run a mile.

Ben loves this activity!

Emmy enjoys it too!

Hyrum tolerates it!

This past year, even Lucy got in on the excitement and ran all three times and ran the full mile. She was so proud of herself and I was proud of her too. I love her big smile that she would smile at me as she passed running.

The kids were able to improve their time from the start to the finish. 

It is a great activity that we do with our kids that they enjoy and that helps them to stay healthy!