Tuesday, January 31, 2017

We Love Visitors

The middle of November brought many fun visitors to our house as it was the weekend Hyrum was ordained a deacon and my baby Brigham was blessed! I love these fun pictures of our family with all our favorite people!

It was so wonderful to meet my brother's daughter McCall for the first time! I think it is safe to say that my kids and I love her!!

It was so cute to be able to see my dad bathe the two little grandbabies!

Natalie and Lorri were also able to meet Brigham for the first time!

We love it when family comes!

Hyrum's 12th Birthday Party

 Hyrum had a great 12th birthday party!

To start the party off, we had a military word search for the kids to do while we waited for everyone to arrive.
 Next, the boys played capture the flag with swords! Hyrum loved the idea so much from Ben's party, he decided that he would love to do it at his.  Needless to say, it was a great hit! The boys had a grand time and spent most the party time playing it!
 We also played the skittle game! The name game was also played, too. The boys had to each write down a name and then they had to guess the names the other people had written.

 The boys then gave Hyrum their presents, Hyrum was completely spoiled by his friends. Next, we had cake and ice cream. Brandon made an amazing battlefield cake.  It was pretty neat!

To finish the party, the boys played capture the flag until their parents arrived.  It was a great afternoon celebrating our Hyrum!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Hanging Around

 Hands down one of the best baby presents we have ever been given is our beloved turtle play mat.  This play mat was given to me by my sweet aunt Julene when I had Hyrum. We have loved this toy mat ever since.

In November, we set it up for Brigham to really start to enjoy it.  In these pictures taken in November, Brigham was too busy smiling at mom instead of playing with his toys.  I love spending time loving, smooching and playing with this adorable baby.  My life can't get any better than this.

  I love this sweet little boy of mine.  

Ben Receives His Bear

One thing that our boys have absolutely loved doing is Cub Scouts.  They love learning new things, they love activities, particularly, the skits.

In November of 2016, Ben was able to receive his Bear badge and graduated onto the Webelos pack.  Ben was able to pin the Bear pin on me, his mom, cross the bridge and I put on his new Webelos scarf and he was officially part of the pack.

Ben has loved every minute in Webelos. Our boys have been blessed to have such wonderful scout leaders. 

Best Buddies

 These pictures were taken in November 2016 of two best buddies.

This girl's day isn't complete unless she has held her little brother. She has absolutely loved being a big sister! I hope they are always best friends. 

Monday, January 23, 2017

Hyrum is Twelve

My sweet Hyrum celebrated his 12th birthday in November 2016.  My time with this sweet boy of mine is flying by!

We started the morning off with our traditional blueberry pancakes, complete with whipped cream drawn in the number 12.

Hyrum is growing like crazy.

On the day of his birthday, Lucy, Brigham and I checked Hyrum out for lunch. We took him to our local Subway and enjoyed spending time with our sweet boy.

Later, we went to his school to watch him in his very first performance as a baritone player.  He did great.
That evening, we went to Chili's for dinner. I think Hyrum chose that place because he likes it when he is sung to.  Not to mention, the yummy ice cream and brownie Chili gives you when it is your birthday.

After dinner, we came home and opened presents. Lucy gave Hyrum some books that he had been wanting. 

Ben gave Hyrum some army guys and magic cards he found.

Millie and Court sent Hyrum some books.
Emmy gave Hyrum some new ties for Church and a gun bag. She also found some magic cards to give him, too.

Little Briggy gave Hyrum some bullets.

From us, Hyrum received a new suit for church and a 22.  I don't know who was more excited about this present, Brandon or Hyrum. 

Hyrum also received some sweet cards from Lorri and Dwight, Grandma and Grandpa T. and Papa and Grandma, and Chocolate Grandma.
To finish the night, we sang Happy Birthday to Hyrum. We had cake and ice cream.  It was a great day celebrating our oldest child.