Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Brigham's Baby Blessing

One of my most treasured memories is that of the day when my sweet Brigham was blessed. He was given a name and a blessing November 13th by his father who was assisted by my father-in-law, my father, my brother, our neighbor Chuck and our friend Jesse, as well as the bishop.

One could not deny the spirit that enveloped the room as Brandon gave Brigham his special blessing. One of the things that was stated was that Brigham was a manifestation of many miracles. I can truly testify that the Lord hand was involved in bringing this sweet baby into our home. All odds were against us, but he is here with us.  It was also stated that I, as his mother, gave my all to bring him into this world and I did. 

Brigham was told that he would be able to come to develop a special relationship with is maker as he grew and came to the knowledge of the gospel. I can only pray that Brandon and I are up to the task of raising this precious angel and child of God.

Many other words were mentioned about this sweet baby that I prayed and yearned to have for so many years. 

My dad mentioned that one thing that he will always remember about this special day was that Brigham was just sitting there staring up at Brandon as Brandon was giving his blessing. My dad said it was if Brigham knew something was going on. 

We were so blessed to have so many family members come and celebrate the special day with us.

 It was a day that was overflowing with the spirit and it was easy to fill the love that our Father in Heaven has for our sweet baby and our family.

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