Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Grandma and Papa To-Do List

We were lucky enough to have my parents come and visit us April 2nd-9th. While we were eagerly anticipating their visit, the kids and I formed a " Grandma and Papa To-Do list." On the list were various things that the kids wanted to do with Grandma and Papa during their stay.

1. Play baseball with Papa-Hyrum-check
2. Go to Walmart with Grandma-Emmy-check
3. Go ride the carousel- Ben-check- Doesn't Ben look pleased in the picture below to be riding with Papa?4.Go to the library-Hyrum-check-If you count dropping books off in the library's drop box.
5. Go on bike rides at the park-Emmy-check-We played at the park a couple of times too.6. Go to the Children's Museum-Ben-check
Even Papa got in on the fun! The kids loved the airplane, going shopping, and making paper airplanes with papa!

7. Ride bikes around Shelby Farms-Hyrum-check-went more than once
8. Go to Old McDonald's-Emmy-check-went more than once
9. Watch 101 Dalmations-Ben-check
10. Watch Fievel Goes West-Hyrum-check
11. Do crazy balloons-Emmy-check- Sadly, no pictures. One of their favorite activities. Lots of giggling and laughing was involved.
12. Read "the truck book"- Ben-check- One of his favorite books to read; especially with his Papa. It is one of those special things they have to do.
13. Read "special books" to grandma-Hyrum-check- special books mean books he can read by himself.
14. Watch Barney-Emmy- We did not watch Barney while my parents were here, but she did watch other movies with them.
15. Play Choo Choo trains with Papa-Ben-check
16. Decorate Easter Eggs-check17. Give lots of hugs and kisses!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

We Love Wednesdays

Everyone loves Wednesdays at our house. Hyrum, Ben and Emmy each get to go to school on Wednesdays. I just had to take pictures of the kids last week before they went to school because they looked so cute.

has the opportunity to got to Ms. Tami's school. Ben and Emmy get to go to playschool with their friends. As a result, Wednesdays are heaven for me with a couple of hours to myself. In other words, Wednesdays are great days!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Coloring Eggs

On Easter Sunday, after General Conference, we colored eggs.

The kids were fascinated watching the tablets dissolve.Ben, Emmy and Hyrum were each excited when it was their turn to help Brandon color the eggs. They loved being big helpers! They were also excited to see the results of the eggs being dyed.Ben gave Emmy hugs and kisses while they were working on their eggs.
It was a great way to end the Easter Season!