Friday, September 28, 2012

Summer Fun

We had a wonderful time during our last Memphis Summer! We went to a few summer movies, the sprinkler park, library, played with friends, the primary activity, mini golfing, swimming. They list could go on and on! We celebrated the last little bit of our time in Memphis in style!

Good Friends

Before we left Memphis, we were able to get together with some friends.  The kids each had a special night to invite some friends over to have pizza and a movie night with treats.  The kids were so excited to have their special time with their friends.

I even painted the toe nails and fingernails for the girls during Emmy's turn.

 I thought that by allowing the kids to each have a night and time to say good-bye to their closest friends that it would help make the move easier.

Of course, we had to stop by the library one last time and say good-bye to our beloved Miss Lucy.  We met her shortly after we first moved to Memphis. The kids loved seeing her at the library each week. 

Also, early in the month of June, we went out with the adults from our baby sitting group that we were apart of for basically three years, to dinner at Cheddars.  We loved doing the baby sitting group. Such fun kids and such fun friends that we  have been able to get to know.
We were lucky and very blessed to have so many friends (even more who aren't pictured) in  Memphis. 

Monday, September 24, 2012

My Bum Scooting Vampire

Lucy's official nickname around our house is Bum Scooting Vampire. Why the name? Well, she will not crawl. In fact, she HATES being on her stomach period.  She is not a fan. Brandon likes to say that she will only roll when she is distress. Other then that, her preference is sitting up.  Lucy scoots to where she wants to be. I have decided that that is her version of crawling.  Also, Lucy has five teeth right now. She has three on the bottom and two on the top. However, her top two teeth aren't her front teeth, they are her side ones, her fangs. When she smiles, you can see them. It is pretty funny. We love our little bum scooting Vampire!

4th of July

We had a crazy, but wonderful 4th of July.  We packed up the truck July 6th and headed out July 7th from Memphis.  However, we still had a great 4th.

To start the day off, we went to our friends' (Bostons) parents house to swim and BBQ.  The kids loved swimming!

 Emmy and her friend Kate
Next, we went to our friends the Powell's house for some more BBQ and swimming.  Lucy LOVED being in the pool and had a great time.

Ben and his buddy Justin

Afterwards, we went home, packed some boxes, rested and got dressed in our 4th of July finest!

  I promise, I did put sunscreen on my kids during the day; in fact more than once.   I think some of the redness was from a heat rash.    Brandon's parents and Alizabeth arrived in the late afternoon.

In the evening we headed with our friends the Penningtons to watch the wonderful firework show the city of Germantown put on.

Just a side note, Lucy turned 9 months on the 4th of July!

 Hyrum and his buddy Jake.

It was a crazy, exhausting day, but it was so much fun to spend some of our last few days in Memphis with great friends. 

Good Friends

Some of our most favorite people in the world are the Andersen family.  They have to be some of the most amazing people that we know.  Their kids are such good kids and get along well with ours. We have had so much fun with them over the years. We have enjoyed playing kickball, stink base and many other fun games!
I had the opportunity to serve with Heidi for most of the time that we lived in Memphis.  Before we left Memphis we had a fun get together to eat, laugh and play games and to say our final good-byes. Ben thought it was wonderful that they gave him his beloved Bang game.
We miss them.  We consider ourselves so lucky to know them.