Monday, March 25, 2013

Sunday Dress

Later in the month of February, I was able to snap these cute pictures of my sweet kids before we headed off to church.  Can you tell Lucy likes a good toothbrush?
I thought they looked very handsome and cute; even if Ben and Emmy each did their own hair.  
Of course Lucy found her books after our impromptu photo shoot!
I love these moments when I can see how happy my kids are and how much they love one another. 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Family Movie Night

Also in the middle of February, we had a family movie night. We rented the old school Herbie (since the kids already watch Little Rascals that Sean and Tracy gave them) and enjoyed the snacks and treats that Sean and Tracy sent the kids for Valentine's Day.
Lucy loved every minute of the being with the big kids and tried her best to be like them. It was cute to see her try to lay down and watch the movie like they did.

It was cute to hear the kids sweet laughter as they watched the silly show.

The kids loved the treats from Sean and Tracy. Even Lucy got her own bowl!
It was wonderful to take a time out and spend time as a family!

Blue and Gold Banquet

At the end of February, Hyrum had his first Blue and Gold Banquet for scouting.

To start the night off, it was a pot luck dinner. After everyone had eaten, Hyrum's pack of wolves did a skit about keeping the Earth clean. It was really cute. 

Next, the awards for Hyrum's pack were handed out. 

Hyurm and Brandon have been working very hard to help Hyrum pass off everything. At this banquet, Hyrum was able to receive his bobcat badge and his first yellow bead. Hyrum was able to pin on me the bobcat pin for the mothers. 

He was pretty excited and pretty cute!

Trip to Denver

In the middle of February, we headed to Denver to spend time with Brandon's brother Craig and his family. 
 Craig was going to be made Bishop in his ward.   Even though it was a short trip, we had a wonderful time.   Craig and Nancy are wonderful hosts. It was great to spend some time with them and get caught up.  Our kids loved playing with our fun four nephews there.  Emmy did have a great time, although I am sure she felt a little out numbered. 
The weather was beautiful so the kids had fun playing outside. 
Lucy and Josh had a great time making music on the piano. 
 Lucy also enjoyed sharing a S'more with Michael!

Thanks again Craig and Nancy for a wonderful time!


I love my two little ladies!  I am grateful Miss Emmy and Lucy Lu love each other.

 From the moment Emmy knew I was going to have a baby, she was so excited. Emmy couldn't have been more thrilled when she found out that I was going to have a baby girl.  Emmy has loved Lucy from the moment she met her. Emmy is constantly by Lucy giving her loves and hugs. They both enjoy it when they find a treat to share.

Also, Emmy loves to read books to Lucy and Lucy loves it too!

  I hope that Lucy and Emmy will continue to grow closer together and become the best of friends. 
(pictures taken Jan 2013)