Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mother's Day

The kids were so excited for it to be Mother's Day. They spent the morning cutting out hearts for me and helping dad make me a special breakfast. I loved the fact that Brandon didn't have any meetings that Sunday morning and kept the kids entertained so I could have the morning to myself. I loved how the kids were so excited for me to come to their celebration they made for me. I had to close my eyes and follow the trail of hearts to the table.

I am so grateful for the chance and opportunity to be a mother to my sweet crazy bedlamites. They each are unique and have challenged me in different ways, but I love each of them so much.

Family Picnic and Field Day

Earlier in the month of May was the family picnic and field day at Hyrum's school for Kindergarteners. The kids and I packed a lunch and met Hyrum at school for lunch. It is always such a treat for myself and the kids to go and have lunch at school with Hyrum. Ben and Emmy always think it is so cool to go and have lunch with the big kids.
After lunch, I went and dropped Ben and Emmy off at a friends house so I could help at Hyrum's field day. The P.E. teachers had planned so many fun games and relays for the kids to do. Hyrum loved every minute. Some of the games included pinning clothes up on the clothes line, throwing frogs into a swimming pool, carrying a glass of water without spilling, sponge relay and scooter racing among other games. Hyrum was quite pleased that I checked him out at the end of field day (there was only a little bit of school left and the teachers encouraged the parents to check their child out).It was such a fun day and I was grateful for the time that I could spend at Hyrum's school helping and time with him.

Policeman Hyrum

During the end of April, Hyrum's school hosted a career day. The school invited people of various occupations to come and speak to the students about their job. The students were invited to dress up in the occupation that they would like to be when they grew up.

Hyrum was insistent on being a police man. I tried to talk him into a race car driver (which he wanted to be for so long and we had a costume), but I couldn't convince him. He wanted to dress-up like a police man while he spoke to a police man. He also said that he does want to be a police man.Luckily, a friend in our ward had a costume we could borrow that her son wore for Halloween. Hyrum was so proud to be dressed as a police man and loved all the compliment he got at home and at school. I thought he looked pretty cute myself. He is after all my handsome Hyrum!

First Soccer Games

Each of the kids had their first soccer game of the season the weekend of Easter. All the kids were eager for the season to begin as was I.I think it has to do with the fact that they have so many friends on their soccer teams. The kids played well during their first game of the season and have really improved this year. I love going to their games and watching them play. I love watching them having fun and enjoying life using their cute little bodies they have been given.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Easter Parties

The kids had a great time at the Easter parties at their school this year. Hyrum was so excited to come home and show us the eggs he found at his party. It was so cute. He gave an egg he found, that was filled with treats, to each member of our family.
Ben and Emily also had a great time at their Easter party. We played a variety of games and ended with an Easter egg hunt. I have loved the fact that I have been able to be at every holiday party this year at their school. I love how the kids get so excited to see me at their school. I think it is very important for children to see their parents involve in their activities at school.

Monday, May 9, 2011


Our Easter celebration for this year was kept pretty low key.First, we dyed eggs when my parents visited us back in the beginning part of April.

The Easter bunny comes and visits us on the Friday night before Easter.

The kids were so excited to see what the Easter bunny brought. They quickly lined up youngest to oldest, like we do for Christmas, to go and see what the Easter bunny brought them. Each child received a movie and some various candy. Emmy was excited to find Easter egg GUM(I received this every year in my basket from the Easter Bunny).
After the kids went through their baskets, the kids went looking for the Easter eggs that were left around the house and outside. The kids thought it was so cool that some of the eggs had MONEY inside (you know, pennies).The kids went through their loot quickly before their first soccer game of the season. After the soccer game, we went to our ward's Easter party. The kids had a great time doing various activities and hunting for eggs.On Easter Sunday, we had to be to church by 8:00, since I sing in the choir, so I didn't get a before church picture. All I got was an after church one with two semi happy kids and another child who was sulking in the house.For Easter dinner, I slaved all day making this fabulous meal...well, what really happened Brandon made pancakes shaped as an Easter bunny that were a big hit for the kids.One of my favorite things we did this year was a FHE lesson Ben and Emmy brought home from primary the day after Easter. It was a great time to truly focus on the true meaning of Easter which is our Savior's atonement.

Happy Mother's Day!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

1st T-Ball Game!

On April 16th Hyrum had his first T-ball game. He was so excited to play! He loves every minute when he plays T-ball, it doesn't matter if it is a game or practice, doing drills or hitting the ball...he loves it all!

Hyrum loves playing T-ball with his good buddy Jake. Hyrum did such an excellent job during his first game. He played first base and had some great hits. Below is a picture of his first time at bat.

Hyrum has already improved so much in his baseball skills this season. He is quite a good little baseball player!