Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Lucy is 2 Months Old

At the begining of the month of December , Lucy turned two months old (yes, I am running a little behind). I took Lucy to her two month appointment on the 8th. She weighed 14 lbs which put her above the 97th percentile and 24 inches long which is the 95th percentile. Her head measurement came in at the 75th percentile. The doctor was very pleased with how everything is going for Lucy. The doctor commented on what a big girl Lucy is, which she is.

Lucy wears size 2 diapers and wears size 3-6 month clothes.

Lucy loves staring at lights. She has really enjoyed the Christmas lights this year.

Lucy really enjoys playing on her turtle mat she will play for a good chunk of time. Lucy also enjoys sitting in her bouncy chair and loves grabing at the toy birds that dangle down. Lucy enjoys watching everyone while sitting in her bouncy chair.

Lucy LOVES baths and is quite upset if you get her out before she has had enough time in the water.

Lucy LOVES to be held and rocked. She is still very snuggly and I LOVE it. I also enjoy kissing and giving her zooberts on her FAT neck. She has heavenly rolls all over and I love it.

Lucy has lost some of her her hair, but for the most part she still has a good chunk of hair that has a tint of red in it.

Lucy has BEAUTIFUL blue eyes.

Lucy has kind of slept through the night a couple of times. I have gotten up to put her binky back in and a few times that has been enough to hold her over until morning. Most of the time she is up about 4 AM to eat.

Lucy has really started to coo and "talk" to me a lot since about the middle of December. She has such a pretty smile that I love! When she really smiles, her eyes smile too.

Lucy has daddy wrapped around her finger. Brandon always loves to come home and hold our sweet Lucy.

Lucy still makes some little noises now and then while she sleeps.

I love the way Lucy smells. I love smelling her.

Everyone still loves Lucy and she receives many hugs and kisses from everyone through out the day. About the middle of December, Lucy was on her turtle mat and Emmy went down and laid by her. Emmy was telling Lucy over and over how much she loved her and Emmy asked Lucy if she loved her. It was so sweet to watch them and to see the happiness and love that they have for one another. I hope they always feel that way about each other. Lucy always has a big smile when she sees Emmy.

Also, earlier in the month Emmy would sing the Santa Clause is Coming to Town to Lucy when she would cry.

We LOVE our sweet Lucy and are so happy to have her in our family. I will post pictures of Lucy when she is two months old another time.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Hyrum's Openhouse

I love how the schools here have an Open House night. The kids are able to bring their family to their school and show them around. Hyrum's open house was back on November 17th. I love how Hyrum gets so excited to show us everything. Ben and Emmy are also so thrilled to go and see the school. The first spot we went to was his classroom. He had some adorable work that he had done on his desk to show us. Hyrum then showed us to various places around his classroom like where they do the calendar and other artwork on the wall. Every year the school goes crazy and decorates everything in the school. Hyrum's classroom had a cool tree taken from the inspiration of the Magic Treehouse series.
Next, we went and visited his music teacher, P.E. teacher and art teacher. Everyone commented on what a great student Hyrum was and how they love having him in their class. The art teacher had paper on the table for the kids to color which the kids loved.
Lucy did a great job through it all and stayed happy. Lucy was a little over 6 weeks old in the picture below.
We are so proud of Hyrum and how he tries his best in school. We love you Hyrum!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lucy's Daddy Time

One of the many things I love about Brandon, is the fact that he is so actively involved with raising our kids. He considers it a priority to make sure that he spend some quality time with each of them. On November 12th, Lucy was having so much fun with Brandon on the floor after a long day, I couldn't help but take some pictures. They were loving each minute of each others company. Lucy gave Brandon some big smiles which caused him to smile and laugh and return. It was a precious moment.

Monday, December 5, 2011

End of Soccer

November 12th was the last day of soccer for the season. First off, was Hyrum's team's end of the year soccer party. We had donuts, muffins and orange juice for everyone. Brandon once again coached Hyrum's team this year. He commented on how much he has enjoyed watching Hyrum play and improve over the years. Hyrum has had a great season! He really has enjoyed playing defense as a goalie and full back.After the soccer party, we went to watch Ben and Emmy play their last game of the season. I must say that Ben and Emmy rocked in their game. They did such a fantastic job. Emmy scored two goals during the game. Ben scored one goal during the game. However, he almost scored a second goal before someone on his team tackled him to the ground. Ben did not appreciate someone stopping him so close from making a goal. Next, came Hyrum's game. He played hard, had fun and finished the season very strong.To finish our packed morning, Ben and Emmy's end of the year ice cream party came next. Below are videos about what their coach had to say about them. They have been lucky to have Eric as their coach the past couple of seasons. He has been a great coach.Soccer this year was fun and kept us busy. The kids played great and had a fun time so the busyness was worth it in the end.

Hyrum Lost Tooth #3

On the day of his seventh birthday, Hyrum lost his third tooth! We thought it was so awesome that Hyrum would lose his tooth on his actual birthday. This time at all he didn't even hesitate when it became a little loose. He wiggled that tooth right out! He had to check his bed twice in the morning to find the money the Tooth Fairy left him. The money was stuck in between his bed and the bunk frame.

When Hyrum was a little baby his first THREE teeth were on the bottom. His Papa called him Mr. Three Tooth. It seems only fitting that the first THREE teeth that he would lose would also be on the bottom.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Night at the Movies

For Hyrum's birthday party this year we did a Movie Theater. I was looking for a simple but fun birthday party and this fit the bill. The kids were given invitations to the party that looked like movie tickets. The kids were told to bring their movie tickets when they came to the party. We rented Cars 2 from Redbox to show at the party.I must say, the house looked fantastic! We laid out our red skinny carpet out in front of the house for the kids to walk along the red carpet. Before they came inside, they saw the sign that I made which said "Welcome to Hyrum's Movie Theater." As the kids came through the front door, we punched their movie tickets (invitations). We had white Christmas lights lining the hallway to the living room. The kids had to walk through long streamers to come into the theater (living room).

While we were waiting for everyone to arrive, the kids did a word search of movie titles. Once the movie started, we called the children back one by one to go through the concession stand line after we had punched their movie ticket again. I think the kids thought the concession treats were awesome and came back many times during the movie. What Lucy did during the party.After the movie was over, we sang Happy Birthday to Hyrum and watched as he blew a candle out in the awesome cupcake that Brandon made. Brandon made the cupcakes look like popcorn. I thought he did an amazing job like always. Since the kids had a lot of treats at our house, we decided that they could take their cupcake home and their parents could decide when they could eat it.To finish the night, Hyrum opened his presents. Hyrum was completely spoiled by his friends and received many fun and exciting new things.

We are so lucky to have so many great friends out here in Memphis. Thanks again to everyone who came to help celebrate our Handsome Hyrum.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

More to Love

On Monday I took Lucy to the doctor to investigate her tummy. We had already tried gripe water, gas drops, me eliminating things from my diet etc. The doctor decided to try and put her on some medicine for reflux and so far it seems to have helped. Anyways, at the visit to the doctor my "little" almost eight week old came in at a whopping 13 lbs and 3 oz. (Bath time pictures are from this week).Mind you I just put on a clean fresh diaper and she was hungry. According to the doctor, she was above the 95th percentile and off the charts.

The pictures of her in the car are from her first road trip home from Dallas. I love her rolls and her cute chubby cheeks. Her neck is to DIE for. She is so stinking cute. I am loving every minute I have with her and praying that time slows down.

Hyrum is Seven

In November our Handsome Hyrum turned 7! Every time I think about how old he is, I just can't believe how quickly time has gone.
Brandon made Hyrum Mickey Mouse Pancakes for breakfast as is our usual tradition. He even got some sausage and some chocolate milk to drink for his breakfast. Hyrum was able to open up cards he received in the mail before he went to school. He couldn't believe how rich he was.

The kids and I went to Hyrum's school to have lunch with him. We brought him a happy meal to eat on his special birthday day an donuts to share with his class.Lucy came too.When Hyrum met up with us at the corner we sprayed him with silly string. He loved it! Hyrum received a fun birthday crown from school.We went to Cici's, Hyrum's favorite place, for dinner. After dinner, we came home and opened his presents and had cake and ice cream. Ben and Emmy were so excited to give Hyrum the presents they picked out for him. Emmy picked a frisbee to give to Hyrum. Ben picked out an angry bird to give to Hyrum. Ben and Emmy both picked an optimus prime treat to give to Hyrum. Lucy gave Hyrum a Cars watch. Brandon and I gave Hyrum an Ironman 2 Lego set and a shirt. It was a great birthday. A fun night and day to celebrate our Hyrum.Oh how I love my Handsome Hyrum. He made me a mom. I have such wonderful memories of him growing up. For the most part, he has been such a happy child who is quick to smile and laugh. He is a great big brother. His siblings think that he walks on water. He is so sweet with Lucy. Always talking to her and is such a big help. Hyrum is such a fantastic reader and has improved already so much this year. His teacher has even commented on how much progress he has made and what a great reader he is. Hyrum does a great job with math. Hyrum still loves cars. Hyrum loves riding his bike and is always trying to do new tricks. Hyrum loves to play with his friends. Hyrum amazes me with his knowledge of the gospel. I love to hear Hyrum pray. His simple child like faith brings such a strong spirit when he prays. We are so lucky to have Hyrum. We love you handsome Hyrum.