Thursday, December 17, 2015

Cherry Hill

While we were in Utah, we were able to spend a day having fun with our cousins.  We decided to go to Cherry Hill and had a wonderful time.

The kids loved every minute of playing in the pools, riding the water slides and swimming. Even I went with the kids down the crazy water slide! It was also a great opportunity to talk and catch up with Lorri.

It was a great day of making memories with people we love. 

Crazy for You

 During our time in Utah, Emmy and I were able to watch my cousin Andrew perform in the play Crazy for You.

Emmy loved it when we saw the play Seven Brides for Seven Brothers last year, so she was excited and eager to go see Andrew in a new play.  We met up with some of our family to watch the play. Grandma Chocolate even gave Emmy some money to go and buy a treat for a show. She chose yummy Dip n' Dots. 

The play was amazing! It was such a joy to watch it and spend time with my Emmy girl. 

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Time with Millie and Court

For one of the days we were in Utah, we were able to spend some time with Court, Millie and Denali. 

The girls were very brave and pet Nali, as well call him.

As you can tell, the girls absolutely love Court and Millie.  We are lucky to have these two fun people in our lives.

Small Town Carnival

One of the days we were in Utah, we went to a small carnival with Sean and Tracy's sister, Kendall.

  The kids had a grand time on the little rides.  

I love these pictures of Lucy being brave and raising her hands in the air.

It was a hot day, so we didn't stay to long at the carnival.  However, we finished the afternoon with a nice cold drink from sonic.

Lake Powell 2015

During the first part of August, we went to Lake Powell with my parents! We had a marvelous time!

The kids and I loved every minute of the trip. 

Some of the highlights of the trip included:

Swimming in the water; which included sliding down the slide of the house boat.

Tube Wars

Hyrum loved it when he was able to tube with the big kids!  Ben and Hyrum loved every minute of tubing.

Emmy wasn't a big fan of tubing.

Knee boarding- Both Ben and Emmy knee boarded for such a long time. 

Playing in the mud and making creations

Emmy loved finding sea shells!

Spending time with family. We loved playing Mafia with everyone at night.

Going fishing in the dark

Watching Lance gut his fish!

Even I wake boarded

Millie is the wake boarding pro!

Papa still has amazing water skiing skills!

Just riding in the boat

Ben helping the girls wash their hair

Helping Papa drive the boat

We look forward every year to our trip to the Lake Powell. 

We are lucky to have a papa and grandma who take us with them.   We loved every minute of our trip!