Monday, January 30, 2012

Lucy at Three Months

At the beginning of January, our sweet Lucy Lu turned 3 months old. The pictures of her in her blue onesie were taken on her actual birthday.

I can't believe how quick time has passed. Around her 3 month birthday, Lucy went to the doctor and she weighed over 15 lbs! Everyone who sees Lucy comments on how chubby her little cheeks are. However, it is her thighs that I think are the chubbiest and are so cute.Lucy is starting to lose some of her sweet hair. She has a ring of baldness around the sides and a toupee on the top. It also looks as if she has some red in her hair.Lucy LOVES having a bath. She has graduated to the big girl tub and she loves the extra room to kick, splash and push off.Lucy HATES tummy time and will only last a few minutes. This one doesn't surprise me, not one of my kids enjoyed tummy time.
Lucy tries to pull herself up when you hold her hands. She is actually pretty strong for her age (always has been).Lucy loves to stand and look around at everything. Lucy has also started to enjoy her bumbo chair and tells me stories while I do the dishes or make dinner.About the end of December, Lucy found her hands and they have been in her mouth ever since.
Lucy's first tooth poked through on January 23rd. She had been drooling a lot and a little cranky so I decided to investigate her mouth and found a tooth coming in on the top. I was shocked since she is a little young to be getting a tooth. However, my mother informed me that I was about her age when I got my first tooth.The kids still LOVE Lucy and are always telling me how grand they think she is and how much they LOVE her. Emmy still asks me quite often if she can hold her. Emmy also insisted the other day, when we were at the library, that we needed to check out some books for Lucy. One day in January, Hyrum was so excited to come home from school and "play" with Lucy. Lucy loves watching the kids play and run back and forth.

Lucy has really grown in her hand-eye coordination and loves to play with her toys. She is getting really good at swinging them around.Just the other day, Brandon got Lucy to giggle for the first time by bringing her toes to her face. She loves it when I raise her arms and tickle her sides. She does more grunting than giggling it seems. Lucy also likes it when I kiss her feet just like Emmy did.I love Lucy's big blue eyes.I love how Lucy smiles so big when she sees me. I love her little coos and stories she tells me. I love snuggling with her when she is fast asleep. Lucy wears, just barely, 3-6 month clothes and could use size 3 diapers, but we are finishing up the last few of the size twos. Nighttime, after the other kids go to sleep, is Lucy time. Brandon and I sit and play with Lucy from about 8 to 10 every night. It is the time when Lucy gets most of her baths since it is so much easier to bathe her without an audience. It is the time when we focus on just her and we love it. It is fun to see Brandon to sit down and just play with her for awhile. It is our Lucy time.

Lucy will sometime sleep from 11 to 6 or 10 to 5 at night, but most of the time, she gets up around 3 or 4 to eat.I am so lucky to be Lucy's mom. She is my angel. I love her beautiful smile. I love gazing into her eyes and smothering her face with kisses. I love to tickle my hair in her face. I love her heavenly fat rolls. I love how she leans her head against mine when I hold her. If Lucy had her way, she would be held all day.I love how Lucy will stop eating and smile and talk to me for a little bit and then go back to eating. I am so in love with her and pray that time slows down with my sweet Lucy.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lights at Temple Square

Visiting temple square was one of the fun things we did while we were visiting Utah. The kids have been asking to go and visit this temple for awhile. My parents, Sean and Tracy, our family and Millie all went together one night. It wasn't too cold that evening and other than being really packed, it was a fun night. Like always, the lights were beautiful. Brandon and I got our picture taken close to the spot where he asked me to marry him nine years ago. The kids loved the live Nativity at temple square that lights up as music is played. Also, it was interesting to see all the sights and sounds and talk about the symbolism of the structure of the temple. It was a fun night and a great addition to our trip to Utah.

Lucy's Blessing

Lucy Louise was blessed on Christmas Day, by her father. I will never forget the sweet spirit that surrounded this special event in her life. As I was dressing her in her white dress I was so overcome with this spirit that this adorable blue eyed baby was the answer to the prayers and tears that I offered up to our Father in Heaven. While I was dressing Lucy, she was so happy. She cooed and talked and gave me the biggest smiles while I was getting her dressed. It was almost as if she knew it was a special day.
It was so touching for me to see all the men from our families who were there that came up to help give Lucy a name and a blessing. It was such an overwhelming sight.Lucy received such a beautiful blessing given by Brandon. Among other things, the blessing encouraged her to listen and learn how to follow the promptings of the spirit. Brandon also mentioned in the blessing about how much she is loved; especially by her mother. Lucy was also instructed to turn to the men in the circle for guidance during her life.Brandon's sister Lorri and her family came down from Kaysville for the blessing. We were so happy to have them there.After a quick stop at my parents house to change, we went to Lana's house to continue on our Christmas celebration. Thank you to everyone who made the effort to attend and support our family.
3 Generations 4 Generations

We missed having Brandon's parents with us for the blessing.

It was an amazing day!