Friday, November 22, 2013

High School Homecoming Game

Another thing that I really love about our small community is the fact that they try to involve everyone in their activities. I love how the high school kids come to the elementary school to read books and play games with the elementary students. I love the fact that the elementary kids are invited to participate in the homecoming events for the high school.  My kids loved the homecoming festivities last year and eagerly looked forward to them this time around. 

Emmy was anxious to get her face painted.   The boys got their face painted too!

At the beginning of the game, the elementary kids are able to find a football player to run out on the field with. Each of the kids were able to find someone they knew from our ward.

At half time, the kids ride a tractor pulling hay around the track and cheer for the high school. This year, the tractor had some issues so the kids ran around the track.

The kids love it when the cheerleaders through footballs and candy out.

Lucy thought she was pretty fancy cheering with the kids.

It was a fun afternoon supporting our team!

Lucy in Motion

Since September, Lucy has been participating in a Tots in Motion class.  In this class, Lucy and I do a variety of active things together.  We crawl through tunnels, walk the balance beam, play with balls, sing and dance to songs and music, etc.  The pictures in this post are from her very first day.  Lucy loves every minute of her class. She loves doing the obstacle course, playing with her friends, and getting a sticker at the end of the class.

Lucy also loves it when she is able to play with the parachute with the other kids. Lucy has learned how to do a somersault through this class and will do them now on command or when she just wants to show off.

She loved taking the first session of the class with one of her best buddies!

This class has been perfect for her. It is something she and I get to do that gets us out of the house and moving!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Fall Soccer 2013

The kids once again participated in soccer this past fall. Brandon was able to coach Ben and Emmy's team. I was able to coach Hyrum's team.

Each of the kids did such a great job! I was proud of how they improved every week. Ben and Emmy dominated! They left most games, if not all, with  multiple goals. Ben couldn't even keep track of all of his goals for one game. 

Hyrum was also a great asset on his team and scored the most goals out of the players on his team. I feel bad that I didn't get any pictures of him actually playing this year. I was too busy coaching his team!

I love to have my kids invovled in sports and other activities. I think it helps them develop qualities to succeed in life while also helping them to keep their bodies in shape now.  The kids also have a great time playing with so many of their great friends.

It was a great season! 

Running Club

From the middle of September to the beginning of October, the kids participated in a running club that was put on by our local community center.   Ben had heard about this running club from his PE teacher and insisted on doing it.  He was so excited!

For three Tuesdays in a row the kids would go and run a mile. I was really proud of them for how hard they tried their best. Lucy would go with me to cheer the kids on. I think the part that the kids were most excited about was getting a shirt at the end.

  It was a fun way for our family to stay active. 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Trip to Creede

One Wednesday in early October, Lucy, Brandon and I took a quick little day trip to Creede (The place where Lone Ranger was filmed).

Creede is a small mining community that boomed in the late 1800s. It was pretty neat to see the old structures and read the history of town. Not to mention, the leaves were starting to turn into their golden autumn hues.

Lucy's favorite part of the trip was throwing rocks in the water with Brandon. She insisted on "helping" with the big rocks.

After our little exploration of Creede, we stopped at a local burger joint and had lunch.

It was a fun afternoon with just Lucy, Brandon and myself.