Saturday, March 31, 2012

School Carnival

Hyrum's school had a fun carnival on the first Friday of March. 

The carnival had a Memphis theme.  All the booths and activities were inspired by museums, sports teams, or activities that one can do in Memphis. 
 Hyrum's class decided to do a booth based on the famous art museum here in Memphis, The Books Museum.  Emmy and Ben decided to save most of their tickets for getting their face/hand painted.  Emmy fell in love with her butterfly face.  She thought she looked pretty fancy.
 Ben thought his Spider Man hand was awesome! 

Emmy loved getting a "tic-tac-toe" and her nails painted.

The boys enjoyed doing the sports booths.

To end the night, we had some hot dogs and some chips.

We missed having Brandon with us since he was out of town.  Besides missing daddy, it was a great night. 

Monday, March 26, 2012

We Love Lucy

Everyone loves Lucy at our house.  It is always a treat for everyone to watch Lucy interact with her enviroment.

One of Hyrum's favorite things to do with Lucy is to read books with her.  It is such a cute sight to see him reading to her (pictures taken middle of March).

Wherever Lucy is, Emmy must be close by. Oh how Emmy loves her little sister. The picture below is of them doing a pinkie promise.  Too cute!  (pictures taken end of February)

Ben and Emmy love doing silly things with Lucy. In this picture they are putting cookie cutters on her head.

 It is cute to hear them laugh and giggle playing with their little sister.

We are so grateful for Lucy and the extra love she has brought into our family. 

President's Day 2012

One thing I have loved, while Brandon has worked at the VA, is the fact that he gets the same days off  from work that Hyrum does from school. On these days, our family likes to have a good time. This past President's Day in February (Feb 20) was no exception!

This President's Day was the day of coupons.

The first thing we did was go to Chuck E. Cheese with our coupons for free tokens from the back of the string cheese that we buy.  Our kids have this large jar that they get to put a puff ball in every time they listen the first time. Finally, they filled up the jar and the reward was to go to Chuck E Cheese as a family.  The kids always have a grand time at Chuck E. Cheese.  I didn't take any picture of our time there.

Next, the kids received coupons for a free round of miniature golf from their dentist.  The kids love to go golfing and we had a great time. 

 Then, we went to a place galled Gigi's Cupcakes. We were able to use our coupon to buy three cupcakes and get three free. The kids were so cute picking out what cupcake they would like to eat.  Emmy was in heaven.

We took the cupcakes to Shelby Farms to eat while enjoying the beautiful day.  The cupcakes were amazing!

 While Brandon took the boys to the restroom, I snapped this picture of Emmy as she was running around with her hair flowing in the wind and some pink on her cheeks. Her eyes were filled with excitement and a love for life.  While I watched her I was filled with this overwhelming emotion of love for my sweet Emmy.  I hope to always remember this moment of her childhood.  

 After the kids devoured their cupcakes, we went exploring in the wooded area.  Exploring in the woods is on of Brandon's and the kids favorite things to do. 

Lucy woke up while we were exploring and had a big smiles for everyone.

To end the day, we went to a yummy pizza buffet called Stevie B's.  They were having a fantastic deal on their buffet which was the perfect way for us to end our fun family day. 

Sunday, March 25, 2012

How Emmy Signs Her Name

One thing that I adore about Emmy is the fact that she is all girl (she does have a little bit of a tomboy in her).  She is very much into wearing dresses and cardigans. She loves a good pair of flips flops. Her favorite books to check out from the library are Fancy Nancy, Barbie and Pinkalicious.  She loves wearing lip gloss and having mom paint her nails.  Back in February, I noticed that all her papers she was bringing home from school had something in common.
 Emmy draws a little butterfly after her name and I LOVE it.
 It makes me smile when I see it.  I love my sweet Emmy and her love for life and the love that she has for others. We are so lucky to have her in our family.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

St. Patrick's Day

We kept it pretty simple around here for St. Patrick's Day.  Of course we haven been playing "Don't Eat the Leprechaun" all month. The night before the holiday, the kids laid out the best green outfits that they could find to make sure that they wouldn't be pinched!   Also, the night before St. Patrick's Day, the kids made a trap to catch a leprechaun. The kids even put in some of their toy coins to fool the leprechaun. 
 However, the leprechaun came to our house and eluded the trap the kids made for him.  Not only that, the leprechaun left a fun treasure hunt for the kids to do.

During the treasure hunt, the kids saw that the leprechaun turned the milk GREEN.  The kids loved it!

 At the end of the hunt, the kids found Lucky Charms, shamrock cookies and "golden" chocolate.  The kids noticed that they were tricked by the leprechaun when they say the "golden chocolate."
The kids also noticed that there were leprechaun footprints on the toilet!  The kids thought that was so silly. I also know for a fact that the leprechaun also turned the toilet water green, but the green didn't stick until the morning.  The leprechaun also left a message on the mirror in their bathroom for them to find.

 The kids thought that it was so silly that you get to pinch people who weren't wearing green.   Even little Lucy had a bow in her hair to make sure that she didn't get pinched (she doesn't have much green to wear). 
 The kids wanted to make sure Brandon had green on when he went to work.  Also, they wanted Grandma B. to pinch Papa since he wasn't wearing green.

 I thought about doing a big fun St. Patrick's Day meal, but instead we had frozen pizza.  It was a simple, but fun holiday. 

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Beautiful Weather

We have had one of the most mildest winters ever out here in Memphis.  Lucy, as well as the other kids, and I have been enjoying the beautiful weather.

We have gone on walks together in our neighborhood looking for secret paths as well as letting Lucy watch the kids play in our front yard while sitting in the stroller.

 Emmy insisted on wearing the hat.
I think she looks pretty cute. I love how Emmy insists on having a picture taken together with her baby sister. 
I hope they are always close.  I love these pictures of Lucy that were taken in February. Of course my boys didn't hold still long enough for pictures.

I love Lucy's sweet smile.

 Lucy's eyes are beautiful.
 We hope the weather continues to be so nice and that it doesn't get hot here too quick!