Thursday, April 18, 2013

Primary Easter Party

I don't think I have mentioned on this blog that I am back serving in the Primary. In fact, I have the exact same calling I had in Memphis for two and a half years.  I guess I didn't learn what I was supposed to the first time around.

  Needless to say, I worked with the other cute ladies in  my presidency to put together an activity similar to the one that we had in Memphis each year

To start the activity out, while we were waiting for everyone to arrive,  my kids and I taught the other kids how to play  What Time is it Mr. Fox?  It was a hit! 

Next, everyone had some hot dogs to eat since the activity was right after school.  After everyone ate, the kids were sent out to hunt eggs. I think each child was allowed to find 14 or so.  We over planned, but it is better to have too many eggs than not enough. 

 Emmy and her friend Brooklyn
Lucy was so funny. She was content and happy to find one egg and hold the candy that was in there. It was too cute. Luckily Ben helped her find the rest of her eggs.  

I didn't get a single picture of Hyrum at the hunt. He was too quick for me and with the older kids...bummer. 

After the kids found their eggs they went to the first room that had a video which started off their rotation of classes to go where they learned about the Savior. 

The next room the kids went to was Mary and Joseph.  Mary and Joseph talked about what it was was like before and after his birth.

Mary Magdalene was the next speaker that the kids heard from.  She talked about what it was like to find the tomb empty.

Next,  the kids were able to learn from a solider what it was like when the Savior was crucified.  Hyrum and Ben just sat there very enthralled!

The final room was where the kids learned about the resurrection of the Savior.

The spirit was definitely there as we talked about the life, death and resurrection of the Savior. 

At the end, the kids were able to play some games that the older children planned until their parents showed up.  Overall, it was a great activity and ran pretty smooth.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Marshmallow Fight

Back in March, Emmy was in charge of the activity for FHE.  She decided to pick a marshmallow fight.

 The activity first started as parents versus kids, but soon it became an all out free for all.  The kids loved every minute and had so much fun.  

 Lucy didn't like the chaos and whimpered most of the time during the activity.

It was a fun activity to just enjoy the happiness of childhood and to enjoy spending time together as a family. 

When Daddy's in Charge

Let me first off  start by saying that I am so lucky to be married to Brandon. He is an amazing guy who is more than willing to help and pull his load in our household.

One sunny beautiful spring day, Brandon was in charge of Lucy outside while he was doing some yard work and I was working on things in the inside.  Lucy cherishes every minute that she is outside and insisted on going out when she saw that daddy and the big kids were out there.  Lucy loves riding on the scooters, blowing bubbles and playing with chalk among other things while being outside.

After Lucy was outside for awhile, Brandon called me and said that Lucy need me. I guess Lucy accidentally plopped in a mud puddle outside and her backside was completely covered in mud!
  What Lucy needed was a bath, but not until after she enjoyed some more time outside. 

I have loved seeing Lucy's curiosity and wonder come alive as she has been spending more time outside  and acting more like a big kid. 

2013 Wrestling Season

Wrestling is HUGE where we live! Most kids here start wrestling when they are three! The boys decided to give wrestling a go this season.
 The kids were lucky to have such great coaches.

  The boys worked and trained hard a few nights a week and fought courageously at their meets.    Many nights and mostly all of our Saturdays recently have been consumed with wrestling.
The boys experienced many failures and some triumphs. 
Hyrum in particular faced many discouraging matches that just broke my heart. I knew how hard he had practiced and how much he desired to do well.  
Hyrum's third place finish!

Ben faired a little better. He actually placed first in one of the meets at his weight division. 

I am proud of my boys and the courage that it took to try something new and different. I am proud of their determination to finish what they started; especially if it is difficult. I am proud of my boys for learning how to lose with grace and win while being humble.  I am grateful to be their mom!

Monday, April 8, 2013

St. Patrick's Day 2013

When the kids first woke up on St. Patrick's day morning, they realized that a leprechaun had been to our house and left a treasure hunt for them to find a treasure.  After much searching and following the rules, the kids were able to find their anticipated treasure.  However, the leprechaun tricked and instead of leaving the kids gold, the leprechaun left them rolos and rainbow candy.

The leprechaun also made a mess in our bathroom and left a note for the kids on the mirror.  

The kids loved pinching people who weren't wearing green. 

After church, we came home and had a St. Patrick's Day dinner with our friends and neighbors Chuck and Genia.  The main course was an Irish stew, Irish Soda bread, fruit kabobs, vegetables and a delicious salad that Chuck made.

For dessert, we had a yummy rainbow cake that Brandon and I worked together to make. It turned out awesome and tasted delicious.  It was a great St. Patrick's Day.