Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Summer Picnics

Emmy and Lucy have become quite the little friends this summer. They do lots of things together. Including, taking most of their meals outside and enjoying the summer sun. Of course the best treat during the summer is a nice Popsicle!

  I love these two girls. I love seeing them having fun together and enjoying their childhood. 

Monday, August 18, 2014

Swimming Lessons

In the early part of June, the kids participated in swimming lessons. They loved it, even thought the water was FREEZING!    Ben and Emmy loved every minute of kicking and improving their skills. They have become quite the little swimmers this summer with all of the time we have spent in water. 

Lucy and I did a Mom and Tot class together.  Lucy enjoyed singing the songs, throwing fishes and swimming with noodles and kick boards.  Lucy also thought she was pretty fancy jumping in off the side of the pool to me.   I am grateful that we did the lessons at the beginning of the summer so Lucy would feel confident in the water.

Hyrum stayed busy all summer long while he participated on the swim team. He LOVES every minute and has really improved. In fact, during the last week of June, he had his first swim meet. He did great for his first time.


Sunday, August 17, 2014

Basketball Camp

Also this summer the boys were able to participate in a basketball camp at our local college. The boys loved the fact that they got an awesome green and white basketball and a shirt from the camp. 

 The boys loved every minute and came home each day exhausted and would excitedly tell me all the things they did and learn. 

One of my favorite stories from the camp was one that I actually saw. The camp was selling sweatbands for wrists that have an arrow on each band. The boys were the bands and it shows them the right way to have their hands as they shoot the ball. Ben really wanted to get some so he counted out his money.  The bands were six dollars for a pair and Ben counted out twelve dollars. He decided that he would pay for Hyrum to get a set a wrist bands too without anyone saying anything to him. I was so impressed by his generosity and love and concern for his brother. I told him that I would pay for him and Hyrum to get the bands and that he could save his money. It brought tears to my eyes.

On the last day I went for the last little bit of their camp and watched them as they played games. It was fun being at the camp to watch them and cheer my boys on. 

Lucy and Emmy's Summer Dance Class

During the summer, Emmy and Lucy were able to participate in a dance class.  They absolutely LOVED it.  It was so fun to see my girls dance and have a good time with their friends. I love watching them move and explore what their body can do. 

Of course, the title of this post should read Lucy, Emmy and Mommy's dance class.  Lucy liked it the best when I was right by her and dancing during her class. She told me to try. It was funny.  Lucy still talks about how she was a "rina" and that it is her turn to go to class again. It was a great activity for the girls to do during the summer. 

11 years!

On June 7th, Brandon and I celebrated our 11th anniversary!  The day was a perfect day to represent our lives right now.   It was a perfect day filled with crazy, sometimes fighting kids, a crying toddler and a fun date night. 

For the kick off of our anniversary date, Brandon put together a treasure hunt for me to follow. At the start of each clue, he talked about our life together and the reasons why he loved me and talked of our trials and our journey so far together. The clues made me feel so loved, adored and appreciated. It was a great great to go down memory lane to set the prelude for our date. I may have listened to "our song" (It's Your Love by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill) on  repeat while doing the treasure hunt.

We then went and saw the movie Maleficent and went to a Italian Bristo restaurant for dinner.  The night was wonderful and I felt special to be the one by his side. 

 I love this amazing man! He is my rock and is perfect for me. Thank goodness he choose me to be his wife.

Frist Summer Trip to Utah 2014

After we spent some time with our Colorado cousins, we headed to my parents' home in Utah to spend time with them.

We were able to attend Aunt Millie's school dance recital and see her receive an award for teacher of the year.

We were able to go to my mom's school and participate in their 3K walk/run.

We were able to go to both Millie and my mom's school and eat lunch with them. 

We spent time at my grandma's house playing fun games with cousins.

Hyrum had a severe allergic reaction while we were there.

We loved watching and cheering on our Seanie (what Lucy calls him) while he played baseball.

My dad worked with the kids on their baseball skills for the upcoming baseball season.

We loved going to the Trafalga fun park and played many fun games there, the favorite being Lazer Tag.

We celebrated Father's Day a little early with my dad. We gave hims some of his favorite treats and lights for the deck. Emmy was already asleep after her busy week in Utah.

Overall, it was a great trip. One of the very special and tender highlights of the trip was being able to see my Grandma Nelson for one last time before she passed away later in the summer.  I will make sure to do a special post just for her because she was a special lady.

The trip to Denver and Utah were the perfect way to start off our crazy summer.