Tuesday, November 30, 2010


On the same day that we went on the leaf hunt (Nov. 15th), we played in the leaves in our front yard.

Brandon got off early or had the day off ( I can't remember) and being the awesome daddy that he is, he raked all the leaves up in a pile for the kids to jump in.
Ben and Emmy ran a couple times backwards into the leaf pile which they thought was really silly.
The kids also thought it was pretty funny when we buried them in a pile of leaves.Ben and Emmy were pretty creative and made leaf angels.

Being the great and amazing dad that he is, Brandon would rake up the pile of leaves after each person would run.I love this picture, Emmy looks adorable running into the pile of leaves and Ben is in the background making silly faces at the cars driving by on the street.The kids were in heaven and loved every minute of jumping and playing in the leaves.

Ben and Emmy were excited to let Hyrum have a turn when he came home from school. It wouldn't be true outside day for Hyrum if he didn't climb the tree in our front yard.It was wonderful to see our kids' beautiful and sweet smiles filled with excitement as they would run and jump in the pile of leaves over and over again. It was a good day for our family!

Leaf Hunt 2010

As soon as the leaves on the trees started to change colors, the kids were begging me to take them on a leaf hunt. It seems that we have a tradition on our hands. The one thing I regret is that the pictures didn't turn out very well.

The kids were thrilled when the time for the hunt finally came. We went on November 15th, after we picked Hyrum up from school.Ben's first leaf he chose was a yellow one.
Emmy has been into headbands lately so her hair was a little out of control on the hunt.Hiding underneath a tree for a picture. See the green leaves on the tree, we haven't been cold enough here in Memphis for all the leaves to change colors.See the excitement on her face?The kids loved going on the leaf hunt, even though it was freezing. They were always looking for a leaf that was unique.Ben would run with his bag and would lose most of the leaves that he put in.

At the end of our leaf hunt, a man came out with a horse dog that terrified Emmy. She was freaking out over this dog and wanted to be held. Next, Ben ran smack dab into a metal For Sale sign and ended up crying and wanted to be held too. It was quite the way to end the night, but the kids ended up happy and content by the time we made it home over the fact that they got their leaf hunt in for the year. They have been asking to go on another hunt before the leaves are gone. I love the fact that they love the simple things, like going on leaf hunts.

End of Soccer Season

The first weekend of November marked the end of the soccer season. We have loved every minute of soccer in this house. The kids have improved so much over the season and we are so proud of them.
Hyrum really enjoyed playing goalie this season and did a fantastic job.I made a cupcake cake for the party and was pleased with how it turned out.L to R Top: Pearson, Dylan, Seth, Jake, Hyrum
L to R Bottom: Aleece, Josalyn, Macey, Chloe, Addison

During the party each of the kids received a trophy, certificate and Brandon talked about each of them.We had cupcakes and hot chocolate after the trophies and awards were passed out.Brandon did a great job being the coach this season despite the fact that he was busy. Hyrum thought it was pretty cool having Brandon for a coach.Ben and Emmy thoroughly enjoyed their soccer season.Emmy and her friend LaineyEmmy has a great kick and loves being out on the field.Ben loves being in the thick of it and runs really fast.The kids loved running through the tunnel at the end of the game. Not to mention, the treats after the game are always a big hit with them.A nice parent on Ben and Emmy's team had everyone to their house for a BBQ to celebrate the end of the season. We had a great time.

Ben and Emmy's coach Jeff did a great job. The kids loved being on his team.We had such a great time playing soccer and can't wait for the next season.