Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sean and Tracy's Wedding Dinner

While we were visiting Utah, my one and only brother got married. On June 18th, he married a cute girl who we love already named Tracy. On the 17th, they had their wedding dinner. The food and decorations were fantastic! It was fun to eat great food and enjoy our wonderful family that we don't get to see very often since we live so far away. My kids wasted no time and loved every minute with their cousins.

The kids loved clinking their glasses to make Sean and Tracy kiss on the lips. It was a great night and the perfect way to start all the wedding celebrations for the weekend.

Hyrum Lost His 2nd Tooth

Hyrum lost his 2nd tooth while we were in Utah (June 16th or so). He was worried that since he couldn't find his tooth that the tooth fairy would not come. However, the tooth fairy did come and left a note just for him as well as a whole dollar bill! He is one lucky boy and looks adorable with his new smile.

Friday, July 29, 2011


While in Utah, Emmy went with my mom, Camille, Tracy and myself to get pedicures done. Emmy didn't get an official pedicure, but she got her fingernails and toenails painted. She thought she was so big being able to come with the girls. When my mom told her she would get to go, she said, "I know." I think she thinks that it is just expected that she would go with all the girls.

We went to get our nails done on June 15th. Emmy loved all the different nail polish that she could pick from. She finally decided on the color purple and pink, one for her hands and one for her toes. She also picked glitter to add for a top coat.

She was in heaven! She loved every minute of her time that she spent with the girls. She thought her finger and toes were pretty fancy.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Redbirds Baseball

On June 3rd Brandon took the kids to a Redbirds game. We were able to get some free tickets through Hyrum's T-Ball League. Brandon said that the kids were too hot to really enjoy the game. It was a VERY hot day. Do you see the kids cute red faces? They ended up get spoiled by getting expensive Slurpies at the game. However, I am sure the kids still loved being able to spend time with their dad!

Sprinkler Park

Before we went to Utah for a month, we were able to go to the sprinkler park here in Memphis with some friends. The kids love it when we go. They always have a great time and enjoy every minute. They love it when the put cups over the sprinklers and watch the sprinklers shoot the cups up in the air. The kids also think it is fun to sit over the drains and make the water clog up.We also have spent a good amount of time in our little kiddie pool out in the back yard and enjoying Popsicles to cool off. We are trying to stay cool in this hot and humid summer.

Spring Sports Wrap-up

This year we were busy during the spring sports season. With all three of the kids playing soccer and Hyrum playing t-ball as well we never had a dull Saturday morning.

The kids improved so much this year with their soccer and t-ball skills.

We didn't make it to the end of the year t-ball celebration since it was on Sunday. However, Hyrum received a cool trophy.
Both the Bengals and the Eagles ended the year with a soccer party. Brandon once again did a great job coaching the team.Our friend Eric was the main coach for Ben and Emmy's team.

I think one of the kids' favorite thing about playing soccer is playing with their friends.

It was a great season and we can't wait for fall soccer to begin!

Last Days of Preschool

During the last week of preschool, Ben and Emmy's had some fun and silly days. One day, was backwards day. They thought it was so silly that they wore their clothes backwards. On the very last day of preschool, they had a water day.

They loved every minute of preschool this past year and have learned so much.

Aunt Lorri's Visit

Brandon's sister Lorri came to visit us in May for Brandon's graduation. The kids LOVED every minute that she is here. Lorri is always so great to play and spend time with the kids. Not only did she play with my kids, she helped me pack my house to get ready to move for the 8th time since Brandon and I have been married. She is such a blessing in our lives and we are so lucky to have her! We LOVE Aunt Lorri!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Brandon's Optometry School Graduation

On May 20th Brandon graduated from Southern College of Optometry. He has worked so hard these past four years. We are all so proud of him! For me, it was an emotional day thinking about how hard he and I have worked and the sacrifices we have made, as well as other family members, so that he could actually obtain his goal of becoming a doctor. This picture includes some of our closest friends that we have had during the past four years. Brandon and his friends Scott and Ben have spent a lot of time together. Brandon has been so lucky to have such great friends to support each other through the process of becoming a doctor. Scott and Ben also have great wives that I have grown close to. We were able to get together a few times. We were lucky to have each other.The "Mormon guys" in Brandon's graduating class.The wives of the "Mormon Guys"The "Mormon Guys" and their friend Mark.The two graduates of the day.Brandon's parents and his sister Lorri were able to be there for his big day.
I am so grateful for the opportunity that Brandon had to be able to attend Optometry school. I know that Heavenly Father played a huge role in Brandon's acceptance to the school, the process of going to school and graduating. This trial/blessing has helped Brandon and I grow closer together as a couple. We have been blessed!

Dr. Brandon