Monday, November 30, 2009

Preschool Thanksgiving Party

The Thursday before Thanksgiving, Hyrum's preschool had a class Thanksgiving party. Once again, I had the opportunity to help plan the party.

Some of the activities at the party were making an Oreo turkey, making an Native American vest and playing Don't Eat the Turkey!

Other activities at the party included Pinning the Feather on the Turkey, and having various races and games outside.

Before the party was over, the kids lined up outside for pictures. Top LtoR Wes, Tucker, Lexi, Hailey, Josalyn, Corban, Maggie, Ryan, Hyrum, and Jake
Bottom LtoR Noah, Justin, LaineyAfter the pictures were taken, the kids sang their Thanksgiving songs.

All the moms who helped with the party planned such fun activities! I know that Hyrum had a great time at the party. I am grateful for the opportunity that I have to help out in Hyrum's classroom this year. Hyrum seems to be pleased when I come to help out at the parties. He is such a cute kid who we are so grateful to have in our family!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Soccer Party

Due to the fact that Memphis had a very rainy October, many soccer games were canceled. We had two Saturdays in a row with double headers (On the 7th and 14th of November).

The double headers were lots of fun. However, by the end of each day the kids were tired. We were missing a few people from our team on the game days for various reasons. As a result, the kids played the whole time during each game with no substitutes (no substitutes the first day of double headers and only one substitute the second day).

Ben was done towards the end of the second game and was content to sit it the chair on the sidelines and watch.The picture below is of Hyrum and Ben doing the stretch Hyrum calls "feel the burn." I think he thinks that is the name of the stretch because that is what his coach tells him to do while they are stretching.

It seems as if a light finally clicked on for Hyrum in playing soccer. Between the two Saturdays and four games he scored eight goals! Each game he progressively got better at being aggressive while playing. Below is a picture of Hyrum scoring his last goal of the season.
Ben's soccer skills have improved too. However, he gets frustrated when he plays because he is by far one of the littlest ones on the field and hardly gets a chance to get the ball. Through out the season Hyrum would wait for Ben to kick the ball and make sure that Ben got a turn to kick. It was so cute to see him watch out for his little brother.On the 14th, between the two games, we had our soccer party. LtoR Josalyn, Jake, Tucker, Coach Whitney, Ben, Hyrum, Lexi and Keylan
We had pizza and cupcakes at the soccer party The boys also received their trophies. The next picture is of the boys waiting for their trophies.Below are the video clips with coach Whitney talking about the boys as she gave them their trophies.

Ltor R Josalyn, Lexi, Jake, Ben, Hyrum, Tucker, Keylan

I am so glad that the boys have had an opportunity to play soccer together and be part of the same team.

Next season, Hyrum will move up to the next age division. I think that next season we will have Emmy try soccer out and be on the same team as Ben.

It was such a fun season and by the way, the Flyers finished the season undefeated!

2009 Primary Program

On the 25th of October, Hyrum participated in our ward's Primary Program. The Primary Program was titled My Eternal Family.

I had really good intentions that day to take a picture of Hyrum, but I forgot. He looked so handsome! He had a nice clean white shirt, a pink tie and a black suit.

We didn't have any crazy behaviors this time like last year.

We worked hard helping him memorize his part for the program. He did a great job saying his part. He said it slowly and clearly. The audience even chuckled at the end of his part because he said it so cute. We love our Hyrum!

Three Year Old Check-Ups

On the 12th of November, I took Ben and Emmy to their three year old check-up. They were doing fine until they went into the examination room and put on paper gowns. As you can tell by the pictures below, they were not pleased to be there. I took these pictures right after I changed them into the paper gowns and before the doctor came in. Emmy did great (for her) when the doctor was examining her and Ben whimpered when it was his turn. I think Ben remembers the awful experience he had at this doctors office last year getting his stitches removed. It was not a pleasant experience and since then he has not been comfortable going to the doctor.

When they received the H1N1 vaccine, they screamed and were not happy at all to be receiving a shot. After they calmed down I helped them change back into their clothes. Ben and Emmy soon became happy again when they received a sticker and a coupon for McDonald's on their way out the door.

They both were exactly 50th percentile for their weight and height.
Emily 30 lbs
37 inches

Ben 31.8 lbs
38 inches

I am still a little worried about Emmy's speech. I have decided to give her six more months to see what happens. If she her speech has not improved, then we will see a speech therapist.

Overall, the doctor said everything looked good in their exams.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Handsome Hyrum

I decided to have my own little interview with Hyrum to truly try to capture his cute personality at age five.  Below are the questions I asked him and his word for word answers. 

What is your favorite color-"All the colors in the rainbow but pink or purple"

What is your favorite movie-"Up" and "Cars" (I prompted the movie Cars)

Who is your best friend- Lexi is my girlfriend and Boo is my special friend

What is your favorite food- Mickey Mouse Pancakes

What is your favorite song- Race Cars (When he goes to bed at night, when I sing songs to them, Ben, Hyrum and myself pretend we are driving cars in a race)

What is your favorite Church song- I Love to See the Temple

What is your favorite scripture story- Adam and Eve (Probably the only one he could think of at the time)

What do you want to be when you get big- a race car (I thinks he means race car driver) and when I get older a power ranger(never has seen the show)

What is favorite thing to do- Go to the beach because I have never been to the beach

Where is your favorite place to go and visit- Grandma and Papa Van and Grandma and Papa T.

What is your favorite thing to do at school-Write with my pencil and my paper what I have to do.

What is your favorite thing to do with dad-Going camping

What is your favorite thing to do with mom- Sing songs

What is your favorite thing to do with Ben-Play games

What is your favorite thing to do with Emmy-Good racing

Hyrum is such a joy to have in our family. He has such cute smile and a contagious laugh. He loves Ben and Emmy. He truly fits the name he was given.

He loves being with his friends; he is quite the social child. He loves it when a friend comes over to play or he gets to go to someone’s house.  Hyrum loves babies! He always takes time to stop and play with one.  Also, he is quite a ladies man! Many little girls in our ward want to marry him.

Hyrum loves to watch Biggest Losers with me.

 It is sweet to hear his little prayers.  He is so sincere and has so much faith. He truly talks with Heavenly Father when he prays. I think I need to be writing down some of the things he says in his prayers because it is so funny and cute.

He loves to play games; especially Hide n' Seek.  He also likes to play Go Fish, Memory and other games.

Hyrum also enjoys when he and I snuggle and read books together.

He is becoming an awesome soccer player. In the last four soccer games he scored eight goals!

He is swimming quite well for his age.  He can do a few strokes by himself without any help.

Hyrum loves going to school and he loves his teacher Ms. Tami. He is a great little reader.  He can now read four letter words.  He can count to 100 with some help.  He told me the other day he has a "super memory brain."

He still loves to play with his race cars and does almost every day.

Hyrum loves to climb in the tree in our front yard. 

We love our handsome Hyrum so much. He brings such a sweet spirit in our home.