Sunday, November 18, 2012

Halloween Night

On Halloween night the kids watched a Halloween movie while waiting for our friends to come over for dinner ( I made chicken pot pie soup). 

After dinner, we headed out to go trick-or-treating in our small town.  The kids walked for awhile and then they rode in the car to the next area of lit houses. 
Lucy spent some time the stroller, but then ended up in the car for most of the night to keep warm.  
 Ben was really excited about this super hero candy.

The weather was actually really nice for this time of year for where we live.  We have been told by many people that usually our area has snow by Halloween.   We were lucky, the ground was dry.

After a few houses, our friends headed out to spend time with family and we continued on.
I had to laugh at Emmy.  She fell down.  She started to cry and was upset. The reason why she was so upset was not because she hurt her knees, but because she got a hole in her tights and was worried about them. I gave her a hug and told her that it was okay and that we can get new tights for her.

When we came home, the kids checked out their stash!

  It was a fun night with our little family.  Our kids are already talking about their costume plans for next year!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Halloween Parade

One thing that we have loved about living in our small town is the school.The school has been wonderful, for the most part, for our monkeys.The kids thought it was so cool to wear their costumes at school (they didn't do anything of the sort in public school in Memphis).   Also, the twins were able to participate in fun Halloween games in their classroom.
 Also,  for Halloween, the kids from Kindergarten to 2nd grade parade through the community, stopping at various business establishments, to trick-or-treat.   Also, the kids really enjoyed the parade through town.   

Ben and Emmy LOVED that Brandon, Lucy and I came to see them.  I think Hyrum was okay with the idea of us being there. 

Hyrum thought the parade was totally awesome when the local gas station ran out of candy by the time he stopped by so they let him get a full size sweetheart candy from the shelves. 

Ben with his friends Jace and Perry.

Hyrum and his friend Robbie.
After the kids came back from their parade, they went back to their classrooms for pizza. 

Emmy and her cute friend Briana.

Before we headed for home, the kids and I stopped at the cute photo booth that the school had for the kids to get their pictures taken in their Halloween costumes.

The parade was such a fun addition to a wonderful Halloween day. 

More Halloween Fun

The Monday before Halloween, we invited our neighbors, Chuck and Geina, over to decorate Halloween cookies. Like always, the kids always have a great time making the cookies, plus they love Chuck and Geina  (their honorary grandparents), it was the perfect combination. 

The kids loved frosting and adding sprinkles to the cookies that cooked while we had a lesson on being Courageous (which was adapted from the Young Women lesson that was given on Sunday) and played Don't Eat the Monster! It was a great night, plus it is a tradition every year to make Halloween sugar cookies.

On the Tuesday before Halloween, Brandon and I went to a Halloween party for couples. I dressed up as smarty pants and Brandon was a leaf blower. It was fun to get to know some other young couples in the area.