Sunday, May 30, 2010

Dallas Aquarium

One of the days we were in Dallas we visited the Dallas Aquarium. It was AMAZING!! The museum had such a variety of different animals. The kids were enthralled and fascinated as well as Brandon and myself. The start of the exhibit is at the top of the building. On the way up to the start of the exhibit, you pass penguins on the side. When you walk into the exhibit, the view is fantastic with a huge waterfall and different levels of various animals. You could look down and see the large water tank where various animals were swimming, include some manatee.They had a spot in the exhibit where you could feed blueberries to some birds. Both of the boys ended up feeding the birds, but Emmy decided that she would pass.Checking out the alligators!The kids got a very up close view of some turtles.Ben LOVED the map we were given of the place. He spent much of his time at the exhibit finding the match between the animal we were watching and the different animals in the booklet. As you can see in the pictures, he would stop where ever he was to figure things out. It was so cute. Emmy also tried to find the "matches."I thought this picture turned out pretty neat with Emmy's face reflected off of the glass.
At the bottom of the building, you can look straight into the big tank that could be seen from up above. It was amazing to watch the animals swimming in the water; especially the manatee. We watched for along time.
The next part of the exhibit had tanks filled with different types of fishes. Emmy thought it was so cool when she saw fish from Finding Nemo.
The next big area we went to was the shark tank. It was amazing. You walked through a walk way and the sharks would swim around you.
Yes, Ben was still using the booklet to find "matches."On our way out of the aquarium we saw some leopards and flamingos.Hyrum said his favorite thing was everything. Ben said his favorite part was feeding the bird a blueberry. Emmy said her favorite part was the alligators. Thank you again to Richard and Ethel for taking us! We had a great time.