Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Headin West Ya'll

On May 8th was Ben, Emmy and Hyrum's Spring Fling.  The kids had worked for MONTHS on their dances for this night. They were all so excited to show us what they had been learning in PE and Music.  The theme for the night was Western. Hence the title for the show was Headin West Ya'll.  The kids each had to wear western clothes. The kids each wanted to wear cowboy boots, but I couldn't bring myself to bite the bullet of paying 75 dollars per kids for a pair of boots.  Anyways, poor Brandon made a commitment back in January to do a presentation at the local hospital and so he missed the awesome performance. 

The kids were so cute count down the minutes until we were supposed to leave to go to the school for the performance.  Before we left, the kids obliged me and let me take some pictures of them. 
I thought Ben looked so handsome.

I can't believe how old my Hyrum is looking. He is growing up too fast!

Doesn't Emmy look so cute in her new western shirt?
Lucy had to go and find our play camera and take pictures. 
The program started off with all the kids singing some songs that they learned in Music. The song Do, Do, Do, Do Remember Me I have heard for months!

 At the beginning of the night, there was a group number to the song Cotton Eyed Joe.  The kids have LOVED this dance and think they are pretty fancy doing it.

Each of the grades performed some cute songs and dances individually.

The kindergarten danced to You Are My Sunshine.

I loved how Ben in this video is loving the fact that he is the leader and can hardly keep his smile off his face.

 Hyrum did a couple of  western dances.  He was so embarrassed (but secretly loved it) when he had to shake his tail feather. Also, the girl that is his partner in the dance has sent him numerous love notes and invited Hyrum to her birthday party.

One of the best parts of the night was the fact that Lucy was copying the movements and so wanted to be out there dancing with the big kids.  It was so cute and funny!

To end the program, the kids sang Happy Trails to You.  You could tell that the kids and teachers put a lot of work and effort into their program.  Everything was very nice.

After the program we headed to a local diner for some tasty ice cream.  I was so proud of my kids of how hard they worked and how brave they were to get up in front of everyone. 

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