Sunday, October 13, 2013

Trip to Taos

One Wednesday in July, we headed down to Taos for a little getaway for the day.  We absolutely love the toy store there. Surrounding the toy shop are places that the kids can play and explore. 

The kids loved every minute of playing in the sand. 
Emmy was in absolute heaven in the craft section that had every art supply our crafty girl could dream of.
 Even Ben got in on the craft action!

Lucy really enjoyed playing in the little kitchen area.
The outdoor toys that the kids rode on were pretty awesome.

Afterwards, we walked and explored the streets.

Before we left Taos, we stopped for dinner and some ice cream.  We thought that Lucy would be content just to share our ice cream with us. She was not! She threw the biggest fit and tantrum and was just devastated that she didn't get her own ice cream.  Once I went back and got her one she was perfectly fine.
We stopped by a huge bridge on our way home.  It was a fun day with our family!

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