Thursday, April 16, 2015

BYU Basketball Game

One of my favorite things we did on our trip to Utah, was attending the BYU basketball game wtih my family.  The boys were lucky, they got to see both a BYU football game and a BYU basketball game in the same weekend...that doesn't happen very often.    We were even able to go to the game with some cousins.

Going to basketball games, at the Marriot Center, remind me of growing up and going to the games with my dad. 

The boys absolutely loved going to the game.  Emmy did too! 
Papa was kind enough to get a few long Cougar Tails for us to share ( a long maple donut)

Lucy cheered with the best of them. She loved watching the cougar mascot, but when the cougar got a little too close, she climb her way up a couple rows of chairs to grandma.  Grandma was sitting in the chair the farthest from the cougar, so Lucy felt safe there.

It was a fun night and a great way to end our trip to Utah in November of 2014.

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