Monday, May 9, 2016

A Frozen Celebration

A couple days before Lucy's fourth birthday this past October, we celebrated her birth in style.  Lucy was so excited for her party she could hardly stand it!

Of course Brandon made her a wonderful Frozen cake. Lucy was in love with her cake and was so excited about it.

We invited five of her best friends.

When the kids arrived, they each made a crown.

Next, we played Duck, Duck, Goose which is one of Lucy's favorite games.

Then we played the game Don't Eat the Princess, which is just like the game Don't Eat Pete.  I made a board for the game with different princesses.

The next game we played was Pin the Crown on the Princess.

To finish the night, we had a princess pinata for the kids to hit open which was filled with goodies.

After the Pinata, we went inside for Lucy to open her presents. She received many nice things from her friends.

Then we sang Happy Birthday to Lucy and had cake and ice cream.

It was such a fun night celebrating Lucy. Lucy loved every minute of playing with her friends.

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