Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Lucy is Five

 Early in October, our sweet Lucy turned five. Lucy was so excited for her birthday to finally arrive.

Lucy wanted to have fancy hair for her birthday, so we put the curlers in her hair the night before to make her hair extra special.

Of course, we made blueberry pancakes, in the shape of Mickey Mouse, with a number five drawn on them with whipped cream.

Lucy had a wonderful day at preschool where she was sang to and she shared her cupcakes and drinks that she picked out.

After preschool, she, Brigham and I met up with Brandon for a special lunch date at McDonald's; her favorite place.

Following her nap, we went and ran the High Altitude Challenge. Then  when the kids were finished with piano, we went to IHOP for dinner.  Lucy was quite pleased with her funny face pancake and when she was sung Happy Birthday too. Also, we saw lots of our friends at the restaurant.

We then came home and enjoyed watching Lucy open her presents.
Brigham gave Lucy some books.

Emmy gave Lucy some ballerina jammies that Lucy just loves.

Ben gave Lucy a Merida bow and arrow set.
Hyrum gave Lucy a kitchen for her doll house.

One of the things Lucy requested for her birthday was a "free, free, free player" (MP3 player) just like her big siblings.

I wish I would have filmed her opening that beloved present.  She was so happy and so thrilled with her "free, free, free player."
We finished the night with cake and ice cream.

It was the perfect day to celebrate our Lucy Lu. 

I have decided that our Lucy is one of a kind. Her smiles brightens everyone's day.  She has the best facial expressions.

Lucy is full of love and is so friendly with those around her. My dad calls her  a rock star. Everywhere she goes people say hi to her and she says hi to them.

She loves being a big sister to Brigham. She asks to hold him multiple times a day.

She loves to dance. She loves listening to the music on her MP3 player and dance around the house with fairy wings.

I love that when she does stuff for me or when I do things for her she tells me, "Thank you, Milday", and bows.

Lucy loves rainbows!

Lucy loves to play with playdough and make wonderful creations.

Lucy loves to paint!

Lucy loves to snuggle with mom and read books.

Lucy is still a big mama's girl. She loves to play with my hair. In fact, just the other day she stroked my hair and kissed it. She tells me quite often I have beautiful hair.

Lucy is always excited when her daddy comes home.
Lucy is a big fan of headbands as of late and loves to wear her hair down. It drives me crazy, but she loves it.

She is already telling me about when she will get to be six. I am not liking how fast she is growing up.  I love this dear girl of mine so much! We are so blessed to have her as part of our family!

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