Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Family Pictures 2016

 My mom has been wanting to take family pictures since the last time we took them was over five years ago and there have been four more people added to our family.

Like any family picture time, there is stress and chaos, but despite the craziness, we were blessed with wonderful results.

We were so pleased with how our little family's pictures turned out. My kids are growing up way too fast!
 Me and my beautiful girls!

This is my handsome Hyrum! Soon he will be taller than me.

She is not only smart, but she is beautiful, too!

 My favorite red head! One of my favorite pictures from the session was Ben's smolder picture! He is too handsome for his own good.

 I absolutely love the pictures the photographer took of my twins! I can't believe they are ten. 

 They don't come much cuter than this little girl right here! I love being her mom!

 Cute sisters!
 Me with my parents and siblings!
 Isn't my sister gorgeous!?
 I love these two right here! The older I have become, the more I realized that I have been blessed with amazing parents!
We love this family! That little McCall is too cute for words!

 My handsome boys!

 My sweet Briggy was just over three months when these picture were taken. It was cold and he was tired and hungry, but we still were able to get some good shots.
 My five sweet children who are so different as can be! We are blessed to be the parents of these crazy monkeys!

 I love these good looking boys!
 I love this man! He loves me even when I am a little crazy. He makes me laugh. He is a fantastic kisser.  I really hit the jackpot with him asking me to marry him.  I am so blessed to have him by my side.

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