Sunday, July 17, 2011

SCO Class of 2011 Awards Banquet

May 19th was the awards banquet for Brandon's graduating class. The evening's event was held at the Hilton hotel in Memphis. The food was pretty good; however, I was too sick to enjoy it completely. My favorite thing of the night was the fact that the school provided free baby sitting at the dinner. It was fantastic to enjoy a nice dinner without the kids. It was great to enjoy the company of the other students and their wives who have become such good friends during our time here in Memphis. Brandon's parents and sister Lorri were even able to attend the event.
We were told that the recipients of the awards given that night were picked by faculty members and that a main part in deciding who would receive the awards were determined by their GPA. Brandon joked a couple times about he wouldn't be one to receive an award. However, when they starting describing the type of skills needed to receive a certain award, I thought to myself that is Brandon. One of the things they mentioned was excellent patient care. I knew that Brandon takes great care of his patients and tries his best to serve their needs the best. The award he was given was :

NoIR Low Vision Award
Low Vision Filter Evaluation Set
Brandon J. Tibbitts I was so proud of him and all that he has accomplished over the past four years. He has worked very hard.

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