Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Lucy's 1st Birthday

Last week our sweet Lucy Louise had her first birthday! I can not believe it! Time has completely flown by this year. Everyone in our house had been so excited for Lucy to have her first birthday and were eagerly counting down the days until Lucy's glorious day.

During the night, I decorated the house for Lucy's birthday.  Signs were hung around the house and balloons were blown; the house was ready for Lucy's big day. 

One of my favorite memories of Lucy's birthday was when I could hear over the baby monitor one of the boys going in and singing Happy Birthday to Lucy. It was so sweet and so tender. This little lady is loved by so many in our house.

To start the morning off, Lucy sat in her pile of pink balloons and talked to her grandma on the phone.

Next, Lucy sat in her special chair, with balloons, to celebrate her birthday in the morning.  The kids picked out the balloons for Lucy to have(there wasn't much choice at the store). 

After we took the kids to school, Lucy was given her birthday pancake.  She loved it and she loved being able to play with and talk to her balloons. 

Lucy loves a good bath so I gave her a nice long bath on her birthday.  

One of Lucy's favorite things to do is to look at books. She particularly enjoys books with babies in them.  On Lucy's birthday, she and I read books. Also, Lucy loves a good walk so Lucy and I  took a walk downtown.  Of course we had to make a stop at Mel's Diner to get some ice cream. 

Lucy fell asleep in the car on the way to met dad at the park and have pizza for dinner. She was just resting up for her big party that we had that night to celebrate her birthday ( I will post about her birthday party in a special post). 

Of course the kids drew her many love notes.  My favorite was the one that Hyrum drew for her that showed Lucy's fangs. It was so cute and made me laugh.

 The next day, we had our own little family party where Lucy was given her presents that her beloved siblings lovingly picked out for her.
 It was so cute to see how excited the kids were to give Lucy their presents.

Ben picked out a sippy cup with a straw ( Lucy LOVES any cup with a straw) and a frog for the bath tub.  In the picture below, Ben is explaining to Lucy how the frog works. It was pretty funny.

Emmy picked out a light spinning toy and a toy phone for Lucy.

 Hyrum picked out a rubber ducky and letters and numbers for Lucy to play with in the bath tub. 

 Lucy received a new high chair and a new car seat for her presents from Brandon and I.
Besides the fact that Lucy had a cold on her birthday, she still had a wonderful birthday. 


  1. She is sooo dang cute! And maybe she always has but i just noticed I can see ALOT of your sister in her! Happy Birthday Lucy!!!!

  2. Can I just tell you what a stinkin' adorable baby that Lucy is? I can't believe she is already one! And how big your other kids are! Oh wow. I think about you all the time! Hope you are doing well!