Monday, May 20, 2013

First Day in Disneyland

For Christmas last year, my parents gave my family and I tickets to go to  Disneyland. To get ready for the highly anticipated event, we made a count down chain and a list of movies to watch.  Also, the kids were able to earn puff balls for every time they listened the first time, did their chores, etc. Each puff  ball was worth fifty cents to go towards buying a souvenir in Disneyland.

After celebrating Easter in St. George with my family, we headed to sunny California and arrived Sunday night.  That evening we went to my uncle Stan's house for dinner.

The kids were so excited to be in the hotel.  They loved the towel that was shaped like an elephant. The kids were thrilled to see Disneyland from our hotel room.

The next morning, April 1st, excitement was in the air! The kids were so excited to wear their new shirts and go to Disneyland.

We were in California Adventure for day one of our trip to Disneyland.

The first ride was Mater's Junkyard in Cars Land.    The kids were excited!  While we were on the ride, our good Grandma went and got us fast passes for the Radiator Springs ride.

Mater's Junkyard was the perfect ride for us to start our Disneyland adventure.  Lucy was a little nervous during the first few rides, but soon enjoyed herself and became thoroughly enthralled with everything around her. 

Next, we headed off to ride the fun and very detailed rides in Bug's Life land.  Flik's Flyers was a lot of fun!
 We really enjoyed Tuck and Roll's Bumper Cars.

Heimlich Chew Chew train was really cute.   As we would go through various food , we could smell them and  Heimlich would tell us how much he likes food. The kids got a kick out of that one.

 Lucy was able to ride on most rides.  However, for some of the rides, she was too small and we were able to get a switch rider pass.  After the group went on the ride,  the adult that was with Lucy was able to take one of the kids on the ride again immediately.
The 3D picture of It's Tough to be a Bug was really cute and had all of us laughing and shrieking as you would feel various bugs climb all over you!
On our way to the Tower of Terror. We stopped and got the special First Visitor pins that are free. The kids thought the pins were awesome!

We took the kids on the Tower of Terror.  The detail on that ride (as with all the rides there) was exquisite.

Poor Ben and Emmy were crying during that ride.  They were pretty scared.  Don't worry, all the adults on the ride were laughing! 
At the end of the ride, a sweet older lady who works at Disneyland gave Emmy a princess pin for being so brave! Emmy felt very special.

Next, we went and saw the Muppet's 3D show. It was also pretty neat.  While we were waiting for the show to begin the kids were playing on the bars. Of course, Lucy had to play too and be like the big kids!

It was so funny and cute, we were walking back to Cars Land when we saw Handy Manny.  Ben immediately said, "Look, its Handy Manny! I am going to go and say hi!"  Ben was so pleased and so excited to talk to Handy Manny!

We went back to Cars Land, had lunch, and rode Luigi's Tire Ride. Luigi's Tire Ride was pretty fun and one of Hyrum's favorite rides.  Next, we went to the highly anticipated Radiator Spring's ride. It did not disappoint. The ride was exciting and fun! The kids as well as the adults loved it!

On our way back through Cars Land we saw Mater and McQueen! The kids LOVED the cars; especially, Hyrum who has been in love with the movie Cars from the time it came out. 

Next, we headed over to the pier part of California Adventure.
Emmy fell absolutely in love with the Little Mermaid ride. We rode that ride back to back since she enjoyed it so much.

Next, Ben went on the swings with Brandon and Papa. The rest of the kids chickened out!  Ben told me that his favorite ride of all Disneyland was the swings. I am sure the fact that he was the only kid who went on it had something to do with it!

Another fun ride we went on was the Buzz Lightyear  Toy Story Mania.  The video ride was like a video game! Everyone enjoyed it!  To keep ourselves busy in the long line, the kids played with bubbles!

We were able to meet Woody after the ride!

I love these pictures of the kids on the carousel! You can tell they were in HEAVEN!  
 My dad, Millie, Brandon, Hyrum and I rode California Screamin.  It was a fun ride. Brandon had the special opportunity to sit by Hyrum.  He screamed as the ride was starting, " How do you stop this ride?!  How do you stop this ride?! AAAHHHHH!!!!"  It was so funny. After the ride he said that he liked it, but the next time he would want to ride it would be when he would be ten.

The kids loved the Goofy Flying School ride.  The adults didn't think that ride was too hot.

To end the night, the boys insisted on taking Emmy back to the Little Mermaid ride.   It was cute Hyrum was holding hands with Emmy while walking to the ride.

Later that night, while Ben and Emmy went swimming with Millie and Papa and Grandma watched Lucy, (Ben made lots of new friends that were baseball players). Brandon and I took Hyrum back to watch the firework show. It was the perfect way to end our first day in Disneyland. 

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