Tuesday, August 27, 2013

No Training Wheels

On July 2nd Emmy was brave.  She decided she wanted her training wheels off and didn't look back.  She was a pro at riding her bike and has continued to improve.

We tried taking the training wheels off last summer.  She was scared and nervous so we put the training wheels back on.  Emmy has done such a great job riding her bike.  I am so proud of how brave she was and how hard she has worked to become even better at riding her bike.
I just realized that I never posted pictures from Ben learning to ride his two wheeler last summer. In August of 2012 Ben learned to ride a bike without training wheels. Like always, Ben wants to be like his brother.  Ben took of his training wheels and rides really well. He hardly had any crashes.  Ben was quite proud when he was able to ride a big kid bike. The pictures below are from August 2012.  

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