Sunday, August 17, 2014

Frist Summer Trip to Utah 2014

After we spent some time with our Colorado cousins, we headed to my parents' home in Utah to spend time with them.

We were able to attend Aunt Millie's school dance recital and see her receive an award for teacher of the year.

We were able to go to my mom's school and participate in their 3K walk/run.

We were able to go to both Millie and my mom's school and eat lunch with them. 

We spent time at my grandma's house playing fun games with cousins.

Hyrum had a severe allergic reaction while we were there.

We loved watching and cheering on our Seanie (what Lucy calls him) while he played baseball.

My dad worked with the kids on their baseball skills for the upcoming baseball season.

We loved going to the Trafalga fun park and played many fun games there, the favorite being Lazer Tag.

We celebrated Father's Day a little early with my dad. We gave hims some of his favorite treats and lights for the deck. Emmy was already asleep after her busy week in Utah.

Overall, it was a great trip. One of the very special and tender highlights of the trip was being able to see my Grandma Nelson for one last time before she passed away later in the summer.  I will make sure to do a special post just for her because she was a special lady.

The trip to Denver and Utah were the perfect way to start off our crazy summer. 

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