Sunday, August 17, 2014

Basketball Camp

Also this summer the boys were able to participate in a basketball camp at our local college. The boys loved the fact that they got an awesome green and white basketball and a shirt from the camp. 

 The boys loved every minute and came home each day exhausted and would excitedly tell me all the things they did and learn. 

One of my favorite stories from the camp was one that I actually saw. The camp was selling sweatbands for wrists that have an arrow on each band. The boys were the bands and it shows them the right way to have their hands as they shoot the ball. Ben really wanted to get some so he counted out his money.  The bands were six dollars for a pair and Ben counted out twelve dollars. He decided that he would pay for Hyrum to get a set a wrist bands too without anyone saying anything to him. I was so impressed by his generosity and love and concern for his brother. I told him that I would pay for him and Hyrum to get the bands and that he could save his money. It brought tears to my eyes.

On the last day I went for the last little bit of their camp and watched them as they played games. It was fun being at the camp to watch them and cheer my boys on. 

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