Monday, November 3, 2014

Manassa Pioneer 5K

The three big kids and I woke up on a Saturday morning in July to participate in the Pioneer Celebration 5K.  The kids had been practicing their running a little bit and I had been running a few times on Saturdays in addition to my other work outs.

Excitement was in the air the morning of the race.

The kids and I headed off as the gun signaled the start of the race.

I ran my best 5k ever, with a time of 25:35. I was followed by Ben who had a time of 26:55. Next came Emmy with a time of 32:00. Hyrum finished the race with a time of 47:10.
As each of us crossed the finish line, we had a cute little Lucy and Brandon cheering us on.

I placed 5th in my age category and Emmy finished 2nd in her age category and Ben came in 1st place out of the boys ages 6-9. 
It was so fun to do the race with my kids. I am so proud of how well they did since we soon found out after that we had the stomach flu!

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