Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Fall Football

 Hyrum decided to try something new this year. Hyrum decided to join the local youth tackle football league.

It was a season of growth and learning for my child who is a lover not a fighter. Hyrum had the opportunity to play quarter back, special teams  and line backer this season.  Hyrum did really well and progressed as a player through out the season., especially for playing for the first time.

Brandon had the opportunity to coach Hyrum's team when one of his buddies asked him to be an assistant coach.  It was also a season of growth for Brandon.

I was grateful that Brandon had the opportunity to coach Hyrum. He was able to come home and tell me stories about Hyrum at practice that made me proud to be his mother.

I was proud of Hyrum for trying something new and something that was difficult for him. Brandon and I were proud of everything that he accomplished during the season.

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