Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Valentine's Day Dinner 2015

One of our favorite things about Valentine's Day is our annual family Valentine's Day dinner.

As tradition, we sent the kids out of the room and decorated the table in style. The kids had to line up youngest to oldest before they could come to the feast.

The kids were so excited to come out and see their Valentine's Day present Brandon and I got for them.  Each of the kids received a book from their recent school book fair they were wanting and a box of chocolates.

We were lucky to have Grandma and Papa enjoy the feast with us.
The dinner was delicious! We had rolls, mashed potatoes and gravy, a yummy meat, vegtatables and a sparkly drink. For dessert, we ate Danish Dessert.

The kids were thrilled to receive their Valentine's from my grandparents that they sent with my parents for the kids.

It was a sweet evening to celebrate the love we have for each other!

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