Thursday, October 8, 2015

Diving for Dollars and Swim Races

 One of our favorite part of the festivities, for the Fourth of July in Blanding, is the dollar dive and swim races.

The kids were anxious to participate and were ready to go for the dollar dives.  Since we had practically lived at the pool during the summer, the kids were very comfortable in the water.

Lucy even participated a little bit this more this year than last year and ended up with a few quarters.
 Lucy insisted on wearing her goggles for the dollar dive, but she never put them over her eyes...silly girl!
Emmy and Ben's age group was next for the dive for dollars. 

Ben did a great job and ended up with a few dollars.

I didn't even see Emmy before the dive for money.  She was able to find the most money out of my kids.

Hyrum went last and found a great amount of money too.

Next, was the swim races.

Emmy took third and Ben took second in their age group (they had girls and boys race together).

Hyrum won his heat and then he had to swim immediately after he his first swim for the finals. He took third and did an awesome job.

I was so proud of my kids and how well they did in the races. They swam hard, had good form and had fun.

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