Friday, October 9, 2015

Swim Team

This past summer, the kids participated on a swim team.  Hyrum started swimming last year, but took a break for football and then rejoined the team in June.  Ben and Emmy decided to join in July.

Hyrum was able to participate in a couple of  swim meets during the summer. Hyrum did such a wonderful job. The particular event that he swam the most was the 50 back.  He even qualified for regions with his time! However, he got disqualified for an illegal turn.  He actually was disqualified a couple of times during various meets. We look at these opportunity as a time for learning correct habits and technique of swimming.

The whole family went in July to cheer him on at his regional meet.  He did a wonderful job! We were so proud of him.

At the end of the summer the kids had a swimming banquet and even received some awards for their participation on the team.  Emmy received the sunshine award for being always happy and friendly to others. Ben received the best dry land performance award. Dry land is when the swimmers do exercises on land to help them be a better swimmer. Hyrum received the award, "Is there dry land today?"  Hyrum wasn't a big fan of dry land, but he stuck with it and continued to improve and be better. 

It was a fun season of swimming for our kids!!

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